‘Wonder Woman 1984’ nears $150 million worldwide total

DCEU’s superhero release of last December, Wonder Woman 1984, is inching closer to a global box-office collection of $150 million.

According to Batman-News, Wonder Woman 1984, a Patty Jenkins directorial, just crossed $148 million worldwide. The week went by, it also left HBO Max eventually, to focus only on theatrical earnings.

The Warner Bros. production has now completed a full one month of its release. It arrived on the eve of Christmas last year. From now on, the next one month will solely emphasize more on theatrical collections. That’s the strategy of the makers to earn more profits. It will be interesting to see, however, if it manages to bring more money or not.

Wonder Woman 1984 box-office: Will it go any further?

Last week, ending Jan. 25, saw it staying the third place in the US, taking in an additional $1.6 million. The domestic total of the Gal Gadot movie has now reached around $38 million.

Speaking internationally, then Wonder Woman 1984 has gone beyond $110 million. That brings its worldwide figure to an estimated total of $148 million. But it’s still less than its overall budget of around $200 million.

Currently, it looks like, overall, the sequel to its 2017 predecessor is not performing as expected. Because Warner Bros.’s decision to release its movies simultaneously on HBO Max and in theaters may not result in good revenues at all. As per analysts, this will cost them nearly $1.5 billion of ticket sales this year. And to make up for that, its streaming service needs at least 15 million new subscribers. They watch all the upcoming releases from the studio, but that’s also not happening anytime sooner.

The lack of interest in its streaming platform, from many filmmakers also (including Christopher Nolan), has led to a disappointing situation for Warner Bros.

And thus, here comes the big question: will the remaining subscribers stay on the platform in the time between now and the release of WB’s new films in coming months?

Big releases delayed, again, due to COVID-19

The adverse effect of COVID-19 on the entertainment industry has been inevitably disastrous. Not just Wonder Woman 1984 but other Warner Bros. projects have suffered as well. Upcoming DC titles like The Batman, Shazam 2 witnessed long delays due to growing cases of the virus last year. And now, the release schedule for them has been pushed further.

Apart from them, other studios also saw huge delays like Marvel Studios, which has once again pushed its new films in the future. The list of postponed movies includes Black Widow, Shang-Chi, Eternals, and Spider-Man 3. It will keep happening if the pandemic prevails for the next few months as well.


Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube Screenshot

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