‘Wonder Woman 1984’ off to a slow opening week in China

There’s time in its proper launch, but Wonder Woman 1984 has already been released in China. However, it’s off to a slow start in the opening weekend.

According to Hollywood ReporterWonder Woman 1984 is now playing in Chinese theaters. But it has earned less than the country’s new release and action flick, The Rescue.

The Warner Bros./DC superhero film grossed half the Rescue collection in Beijing, as of Friday.

“Wonder Woman 1984”: Box-office projections

The Gal Gadot movie arrived alongside China’s The Rescue, which is directed by Dante Lam. The latter’s mid-evening earnings stood at $8.9 million, compared to WW84’s $4.6 million. Artisan Gateway provided the figures.

Dante Lam’s latest work is a follow-up to Operation Mekong (2016) and Operation Red Sea (2018), which also earned a whopping $575 million two years ago. Similar to its previous parts, The Rescue also celebrates the military and its heroism. It shows the story of the Chinese Coast Guard team.

Speaking of the DC flick’s original installment, it made around $38 million in the first week, in 2017, in China. And overall, it went on to make nearly $90.5 million. However, the sequel is likely to struggle a lot, going by its initial performance.

The unexpectedly low start of Wonder Woman 1984 at the Chinese box-office is sad to witness because the country has always shown a lot of love for many superhero movies in the past. And even during the ongoing pandemic, it has managed to bounce back in a usual manner when it comes to new releases in theaters.

And looking at WW84‘s beginning in this aspect is somewhat alarming for the Patty Jenkins directorial. It was touted to be a huge blockbuster upon its arrival.

Upcoming DCEU line-up in the future

Meanwhile, the future line-up of Warner Bros. in terms of DC installments looks quite a bit large. After WW84, next year will see the beginning of Shazam 2 and Black Adam‘s productions. Also, Snyder Cut of Justice League will arrive early in 2021. So it will act as a good reason for celebration for the fans.

The BatmanThe Flash, and Aquaman 2 are also on the list. The latter’s announcement is yet to come from the studio heads.

Coming back to Wonder Woman 1984, then it has received very great impressions from the critics. Rotten Tomatoes just declared it certified fresh with a rating of almost 90 percent. However, Chinese portals like Mayong gave it a score of 8/10. On the contrary, its first part received a stellar 8.6/10. On another local website, Douban, the latest sequel gained a rating of 7.1/10.

It will be interesting to see what kind of reaction it has in the coming days, especially after the worldwide launch on Christmas.


Image courtesy of Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

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