‘Wonder Woman 1984’ to become DCEU’s next rotten entry!

After a dismal box-office opening recently, Wonder Woman 1984 seems to be going even lower when it comes to reviews and critical reception.

According to Comicbook, Wonder Woman 1984 is facing a lot of criticism since its release. And now, even on major portals like Rotten Tomatoes, it’s on the way to becoming another “rotten” DCEU entry! It’s really shocking the way moviegoers have reacted to the film since its arrival.

The Patty Jenkins directorial premiered on HBO Max and in theaters simultaneously, on the eve of Christmas.

“Wonder Woman 1984”: Not so fresh now?

Upon its eagerly-awaited release on Christmas, WW84 received an impressive score of around 88 percent. Currently, it sits with a decent rating of 66 percent (at the time of writing this article). Even though it’s still fresh, it seems like it won’t stay like that for long. Because with each new day, many more reviews are coming in, and they are mostly negative.

If Wonder Woman 1984 falls below 60 percent, it will join several past flicks in the DC Extended Universe, which received poor reactions.

Currently, the first part of the Gal Gadot starrer project, from 2017, is the best-rated installment in the DCEU. It has a score of 93 percent, while Shazam! Comes next with 90 percent, and Birds of Prey on the third spot with 78 percent. Only these three are certified absolutely fresh on Rotten Tomatoes as of now.

When it comes to poorly received DC flicks, then the list includes Suicide Squad (26 percent), BvS: Dawn of Justice (28 percent), and Justice League (40 percent). Man of Steel with 56 percent is also another badly received title in the movie universe. If the Wonder Woman sequel falls below 60 percent, it will join this list as well, which is not a good thing at all.

Upcoming DC movies in the future

Meanwhile, Warner Bros.’s heads are still working on making the DC universe bigger and better with their plans. And it looks like the upcoming projects will surely turn out huge positive for both the box-office and moviegoers.

Shazam 2 and Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam will begin filming this year, in the coming months. And The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson, is also on the schedule to release in 2022. It will likely complete its production this year. Then there’s the Aquaman sequel as well, although it’s yet unannounced from the makers.

Speaking about 2021, fans will witness the Snyder Cut of Justice League on the HBO Max platform. Just at the end of last year, Warner Bros. also officially revealed that Wonder Woman 3 is in the works.

Coming back to Wonder Woman 1984, it’s still playing in theaters and on the OTT platform. Apart from Gal Gadot, it also stars Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, and The Mandalorian‘s Pedro Pascal.


Image courtesy of Sarunyu L/Shutterstock

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