‘Wonder Woman’ Gal Gadot teases ‘Black Adam’ crossover!

Actress Gal Gadot has stunned the fans after teasing a possible, unsaid crossover of Wonder Woman and Black Adam! It will be really amazing.

According to Comicbook, Gal Gadot recently interviewed MTV News in which she spoke about Red Notice, her new project with Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson. Interestingly, the latter also happens to be the Black Adam in his upcoming future DC debut film.

Netflix movie Red Notice stars Reynolds, Gadot, and Johnson in lead roles and will be released soon.

Black Adam and Wonder Woman crossover!

Coming back to Gal Gadot’s interview, then speaking about her co-stars, she also mentioned a possible showdown between Wonder Woman and Dwayne Johnson’s anti-hero. However, she seemed candid saying it. But who knows if it turns out true in the coming years!

“I think that, first of all, let’s give Black Adam the respect of Black Adam. I don’t want to come and steal anybody’s thunder. It’s The Rock; come on, I can’t steal his thunder. But maybe in the future, who knows,” she said.

Fans will go crazy if it actually happens in the ongoing DC movie universe’s future storyline. Because if a cinematic franchise is interconnected, then having crossovers is inevitable. So, it looks like Gal Gadot teasing something unexpected may happen soon, in the form of a huge announcement. But again, there seems to be no confirmation as of now from Warner Bros.

The wait is the only thing that die-hard DC comic book lovers can do.

Upcoming DC titles in the future

Meanwhile, moviegoers and superhero fans can enjoy Wonder Woman 1984 while waiting for upcoming installments. DC Universe will get expanded soon with the likes of Shazam 2 and The Batman. However, the latter is situated in its own universe and is not connected to the present timeline. Then there is Andy Muschietti’s The Flash. It will see a lot of multiverse things happening. Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton will also appear in it in their Batman iterations!

Apart from them, Aquaman 2 is also happening soon, but there’s no official word on it yet, from the side of studio heads. Interestingly, it’s also in the midst of some controversy right now. And it’s due to its association with actress Amber Heard, who played Mera in the first part, two years ago. Because of her legal case with actor Johnny Depp, the latter’s fans want her removed from the sequel. A while ago, the actress clearly said she’s still on the movie and will begin shooting whenever the schedule is planned.

Coming back to Black Adam, it will be one of the highly-anticipated DC flicks in the next two years. All Dwayne Johnson fans are waiting to see him in the iconic dark costume from the comics.


Image courtesy of DFree/Shutterstock

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