Wonho reveals thoughts for his album to The Star

Wonho met with The Star Magazine as the cover of its October issue and shared his sentiments towards his first solo album.

In the interview after his photoshoot with The Star, Wonho talked about his thoughts on his music as a solo artist, and gratitude towards his fans.

Wonho had fun during the photoshoot for The Star magazine, as being the cover of the magazine is one of his goals. He extended his gratitude to the production staff for the opportunity given.

Wonho’s solo album Love Synonym #1: Right For Me

In the interview, Wonho talked about the release of his solo album.

On September 4, the former MONSTA X leader dropped Love Synonym #1: Right For Me, together with the music video of its title track, Open Mind. The said song is an electronic pop song, where Wonho and Isranis are behind the lyrics.

The song was composed by Corey Latif Williams, David Brook, Aaron Kleinstub, and Bryan Fryzel. Since Love Synonym is his first album, he thought of showing off the things he does best.

Wonho continued to share that the album is a letter for his fans, whom he calls Wenee. The album is his way of communicating with his fans to tell the story behind the album. He added that he would not exist if it weren’t for his fans.

Goals as a solo artist

When asked about his goals, Wonho shared that the first thing that pops out on his mind is to be a successful singer. He wants to be remembered as someone who dances and sings well.

For the future, one of his goals is to interact with his fans for a long time. He wants to spend time with his fans without considering the time and duration. However, for the time being, he will be working very hard until that day comes.

Image courtesy of 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube Screenshot

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