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Woollim Entertainment shares statement on Golden Child TAG’s injury


Woollim Entertainment revealed the real deal on Golden Child TAG’s injury.

The South Korean agency, Woollim Entertainment, released its official statement regarding TAG’s ankle injury while he was on his way to an event.

Woollim Entertainment on rowdy fans

The entertainment agency announced that TAG would remain seated for future performances of Golden Child. The agency also issued a warning about the fans who have disorderly behaviors.

Woollim Entertainment stated that fans had not been in order at many of the group’s events. Some fans went far as to curse the staff. The entertainment warned that they would bar anyone who will cause disorders from future events of Golden Child.

Full details on TAG’s health status

Woollim Entertainment’s announcement regarding TAG’s injury explained all the details of the happening. The injury occurred when he was on his way to the video-call fan signing event on October 18.

Some individuals are blocking his path with methods that includes the direct use of a strobe light. Immediately after the incident, TAG received an emergency first aid treatment.

Following the end of the scheduled event, he went to the hospital for examination and treatment. The results came out, and he received a diagnosis of ligament damage.

The agency will ensure that TAG will have a speedy recovery because their health is their top priority. The current condition requires minimal use of his ankle and needs plenty of rest.

New guidelines

At present, fans have still not remained in order in the events. To prevent accidents from occurring in the future, the staff continuously requests and restrains the rowdy fans. Unfortunately, the rowdy fans ignored their attempts and even cursed at the team.

To protect the safety and health of the members of Golden Child, they will be strengthening their rules on the fan club etiquette and new guidelines.

Additionally, if anyone would be disorderly in the future, they will be removing them from the activities without warning.

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