‘Workin’ Moms’ season 5 confirmed and underway amid COVID-19 crisis

CBC and Catherine Reitman confirmed the renewal of Canadian comedy series Workin’ Moms for season five.

Workin Moms’ season four was added on Netflix’s streaming library just a few days ago. Although it just recently premiered on Netflix, the show has already been out for a while in Canadian channel CBC. Since the comedy series continues to keep audiences across the world entertained, the network decided to renew it for a fifth season.

CBC confirms renewal of Workin’ Moms

Shortly after the season four finale, creator and star Catherine Reitman revealed the news for the show’s fifth run. On the talk show What’re You at With Tom Power, she said that the green-light came amid quarantine directives. With all the isolation time writers have at hand, they already started working remotely for the upcoming season.

Reitman also unveiled that she’s been running the writers room remotely out of her home since April. She further stated,

“It’s been kinda cool, all the writers get on Zoom and we talk out big ideas and we’ve been actually reviewing drafts.”

CBC gave the official go-ahead for Wokin’ Moms’ season five in an announcement on Twitter. The show’s official account tweeted,

“Season 5 is a GO! Raising hands #WorkinMoms #season5 @reitcatou @CBCTelevision @CBC.”

Reitman’s sentiments on the show’s future amid pandemic

On the same interview, Reitman said Workin’ Moms is a fun and great escape for those caught up in the pandemic as of this moment. The creator added,

 “I feel like it’s a different world right now. I feel like it’s a very delicate time. As I’m looking into the future of the show, I’m definitely considering, ‘Does this affect it? Is it a new world?”

Basing on her statements, Reitman is certainly worried about the impact of the pandemic not only in their upcoming show but also to the entire world. It is also apparent that just like everyone else, she hopes that everything will return to the way it is.

More details about Workin’ Moms season 5

Obviously, Catherine Reitman, Jessalyn Wanlim, Dani Kind, and Juno Rinaldi will be back in the new season. Since they are the main cast, they will certainly reprise their roles.

Fans can also expect to see Philip Sternberg, Ryan Belleville, Sarah McVie, Sadie Munroe and more of the recurring cast.  There is also a big possibility for viewers to witness a few guest appearances in the forthcoming season.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis and global lockdown, it’s unknown when filming will start for the show’s fifth instalment. Thus, a release date is likely to be determined after the cast and crew starts shooting. Nevertheless, work has already started on the fifth season’s scripts so hopefully the new series could be out next year.

Netflix will release Workin’Moms season five once all the season’s episodes are completely aired in Canada.

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