WORLD FIRST: Blockchain system developed to secure Australia’s ‘national capabilities’

Australian blockchain

The organisation tasked with digitising Australia’s public sector has joined forces with a major blockchain developer to build the world’s first blockchain operating system for government and critical national industries.

Australian government cloud infrastructure provider, AUCloud, today announced it’s partnering with London-based Quant Network to develop the Australian blockchain platform.

Quant Network’s Overledger blockchain operating system will be integrated into the AUCloud software-as-a-service cloud platform which is currently used by major Australian Government departments, including Defence.

According to the companies, the result will be a blockchain-as-a-service system, creating an easy to use and more secure set of national capabilities.

Scott Wilkie, Director of AUCloud says currently multiple government departments are using different blockchains, causing issues when they need to interact.

“These organisations require the interoperable functionality that can only come with an operating system like Overledger and the security of the leading sovereign Australian cloud platform,” said Wilkie.

“Without Overledger, none of these projects or systems will be able to communicate with each other or enable cross party collaboration.

Quant Network Founder and CEO, Gilber Verdian, says the partnership will allow Australian Government departments to implement blockchain technology within minutes using just “three lines of code”.

“We’ve been been working with AUCloud for more than a year on how best to integrate our Blockchain Operating System onto the AUCloud platform to provide highly secure and interoperable Blockchain-as-a-Service for Australian Government and Defence and the critical national industries and supply chains that serve the nation.

“The idea for Overledger stemmed from the challenges faced while working in senior roles across definitive projects for both the UK and Australian Governments and subsequently led to founding the Blockchain ISO Standard TC307 in 2016.”

In September, Australia’s Prime Minister said he “believes” in the disruptive power of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Read Micky’s full report here.

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