World leaders condemn mob violence in the US Capitol

Following the sad event of mob violence and storming of the US Capitol on Wednesday, prominent world leaders have condemned the act.

As per Reuters, all prominent world leaders of various nations expressed shock and disappointment at the US Capitol’s mob violence. Many supporters of President Donald Trump entered the building forcefully and tried to overturn the election results.

It is already known that Joe Biden won the Presidential election on Nov. third. However, since the announcement was made, Trump has kept refusing the voting results. Instead, he tried to change what’s already done. And many of his supporters are also kept backing him. But Wednesday’s event clearly shows the death of democracy as far as America is concerned. In situations like these, there’s no solution to deal with chaos, and thus, it really becomes a matter of concern.

US Capitol violence: Leaders criticize the act

Meanwhile, following the black day in the history of America’s democracy, many world leaders condemned this act of Trump supporters.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’s spokesman said that he’s “saddened” by the incident.

“In such circumstances, it is important that political leaders impress on their followers the need to refrain from violence, as well as to respect democratic processes and the rule of law,” said the spokesman Stephane Dujarric in a statement.

China’s foreign ministry spokeswoman drew comparisons between the US Capitol event and 2020’s pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. She wished for the American people to enjoy peace, stability, and security.

On the other hand, in his televised speech, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said that what’s happened in the US is a failure of Western democracy. Further, he also clearly stated that Mr. Trump had damaged the reputation of America.

Moreover, Indian PM Narendra Modi also condemned the unexpected and violent act. In his tweet, he wrote that the rioting news made him distressed. He mentioned that the most important thing was that transfer of power should be done in a peaceful and orderly manner. And that a democratic process must not be allowed to be affected by unlawful protests.

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern also reacted on her Twitter profile.

She strongly asserted the fact that democracy is the right of people to exercise their votes. And it also enables their voices to be heard. But to uphold a decision, a mob should never be allowed to do it. Everything should happen peacefully.

She also said that her thoughts are with everyone who is “devastated” by this week’s incidents. Lastly, she once again hoped for democracy to prevail, in the United States, in the coming days.

What’s next for Joe Biden after the unexpected event?

One thing that seems certain now is that Joe Biden will definitely remain the new US President no matter what. Because after such a violent act, the Republican party’s Donald Trump is already getting a lot of criticism.

The President-elect Mr. Biden may take his oath earlier than expected this month, following everything inside the US Capitol building.

There’s no chance that Trump is coming back. He might face tremendous pressure to give up his presidency before the actual ending date of his term!


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