‘World of Warcraft’ guide: unlocking allied races after ‘Shadowlands’ pre-patch

World of Warcraft guide: unlocking the allied races after 'Shadowlands' pre-patch

With the reputation requirement finally removed for the allied races on World of Warcraft, here’s how you can unlock each and every one of them.

A few expansions ago, World of Warcraft had introduced an allied race system to allow players access to a number of playable races. This system would allow them to unlock these races without needing to wait for the next expansion.

Reputation requirement on World of Warcraft allied race system

Unfortunately, players would also need to meet a reputation requirement with the faction their desired race belongs to. This means that players have to grind for months before they can actually get the quest that unlocks these races.

Luckily, the Shadowlands expansion is bringing numerous changes to the game. Among these changes is the removal of the reputation requirement.

This makes it easier for players to unlock an allied race. Here is a simple guide to unlocking each allied race for both factions.


Starting with the Dark Iron Dwarves, players need to attain the Ready For War achievement. This will require players to set up three Alliance bases on Horde territory.

Furthermore, players also need to accomplish the first part of the Alliance War Campaign. This campaign explains how the Dark Iron Dwarves joined the Alliance.

For Kul Tirans, players need the major storylines in Kul Tiras to get the A Nation United achievement. This also includes the Loremaster of Kul Tiras and the Pride of Kul Tiras.

Not only that, one would also have to complete the Tides of Vengeance campaign excluding the Battle of Dazar’alor. This will grant players a questline that would have them build a Kul Tiran flagship and renew Kul Tiras’ pledge to the Alliance.

The Lightforged Draenei and Void Elves require the You Are Not Prepared! achievement. To accomplish this, one must complete the major Argus storylines which could take several hours.

Afterwards, they will receive a questline tasking them with helping out a normal Draenei for the Lightforged Draenei. For the Void Elves, players must help Alleria Windrunner save Blood Elves in Quel’Thalas from the Void’s corruption.

Players can only unlock the Mechagnome race once they attain the Mechagonian Threat achievement and completing the Mechagon storyline. This also involves a dungeon quest.

Afterwards, players would then receive the questline that will task them to save High Tinker Mekkatorque who was gravely injured after the Battle of Dazar-alor.


The Highmountain Taurens would need the Ain’t No Mountain High Enough achievement. This means that players must complete the Highmountain storyline. Players would then be invited to a feast at Thunderbluff which suddenly turns into chaos after servants of the Old Gods attack. They will then receive a quest to save the Spiritwalker Ebonhorn which would lead to the unlocking of the Highmountain Tauren race.

For the Mag’har Orcs, players must attain the Ready For War achievement obtained from completing the 8.0 Horde War campaign. This would require players to set up three Horde bases on Alliance territory. Players would then receive a quest to save the Mag’har Orcs from annihilation.

The Nightborne, on the other hand, can be unlocked by completing the Suramar storyline and earning the Insurrection achievement. Players would then receive a quest to help the Nightborne and Blood Elves against Void monsters.

Completing Vol’dun’s storyline and earning the Secrets in the Sand achievement will open up the Vulpera questline. Afterward, players must help the Vulpera prove themselves to the Horde.

Lastly, the Zandalari Trolls can be unlocked by earning the Tides of Vengeance achievement from the 8.1 War Campaign and the Zandalar Forever! achievement from the Zandalar major storylines.

Players would then accompany Princess Talanji in her quest to become the queen of Zandalar in World of Warcraft.


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