‘World of Warcraft’ to overhaul most frustrating roguelike dungeon


World of Warcraft is overhauling Torghast, the Tower of the Damned, to reduce frustration among players, working as an ambitious feature.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned, is a weird dungeon in World of Warcraft. It’s a multi-floor dungeon that works like a roguelike tower, where everything resets without any reward. Blizzard is looking to change this with an upcoming update.

Torghast frustrates players to no end

Torghast is an increasingly hard tower, working like a roguelike RPG where players win it all or lose for nothing at all. Clocking at 45 minutes, those who fail the tower would have wasted all that time for nothing.

Blizzard learned of this issue among players. Ion Hazzikostas, the game director of Shadowlands, knows that the tower is a bad experience for players.

“One of the biggest points of feedback we’ve gotten since the release of Shadowlands was that, while the feeling of becoming this powerful wrecking ball going through Torghast and breaking all the rules is super fun, the flipside is that losing in Torghast is one of the worst experiences ever in World of Warcraft,” said Hazzikostas in an interview. “And that’s a problem. That sucks.”

In the upcoming Chains of Domination, Torghast will receive an overhaul. This overhaul will come in regards to receiving Soul Ash in-game. Soul Ash, one of the game’s most powerful materials, is only available in the tower.

WoW dungeon to add anti-frustration features

The changes planned for Torghast in World of Warcraft comes in regards to its guardian. The guardian is a big monster that kicks players out if they die too many times.

“What if instead we had more of a rating or a score, where it was more of a spectrum, a continuum of success and trying to do better, trying to be more efficient, trying to be faster or have fewer deaths, but you have some reward to show for it?” Hazzikostas said. “You always want to do better, but you’re never leaving empty handed—unless you, like, fail on the first floor and your run ends there, that’s okay.”

The fix they plan is simple. By making the monster a raid boss, players don’t get kicked off the tower as long as the monster stays dead. There is very little detail that the team gave, but it is generally good news for all players.

“We’ll have more to show when the [Public Test Realm] starts for Chains of Domination. We’re looking forward to a lot of feedback and iteration on this system,” Hazzikostas said.

World of Warcraft Chains of Domination does not have a release date yet.

Featured image courtesy of World of Warcraft/Youtube Screenshot


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