2019 blockchain prediction: The technology will ‘change lives’

2019 blockchain
Sydney-based Futurist and Innovation Strategist, Anders Sorman-Nilsson

Anders Sorman-Nilsson is one of the world’s most trusted futurists – he’s worked for brands such as Apple, Amex, Macquarie Bank and Mercedes Benz.

The Sydney-based consultant is no psychic, he meticulously analyses key signs, data and intelligence to provide his clients with valid predictions about what’s to come.

As 2018 comes to an end, Micky has been given an insight into Sorman-Nilsson’s predictions for 2019 any beyond.

In 2019 Blockchain will begin to change lives

“There will be a shift away from the hype around Bitcoin to the underlying and lifechanging form that is blockchain,” says Sorman-Nilsson.

“This particular technology will enable smart, self-executing contracts to digitise trust.

“Commercial transactions that are readable by machines will be transformed, with property transactions, mortgage settlements and more using digitised trust and opening up human willingness to engage in binding agreements.

He predicts the insurance sector, in particular, will rapidly adopt Blockchain technology.

“Blockchain will be able to securely access electronic medical records to issue a policy within minutes and trigger an automatic payment upon diagnosis.”

Cashless & staffless shopping 

Another of Anders Sorman-Nilsson‘s predictions for 2019 and beyond is a retail transformation.

He believes there will be no cash and barely any staff.

“Over the next few years, the in-store and online shopping experience for consumers will completely change.

“Expect Artificial Intelligence to take on job roles, cashier less stores to pop up, biometric payment to become the norm, with retailers allowing customers to scan the veins in their thumbs as payment and facial recognition technology as tills to offer discounts for smiling customers.

“In fact, we soon won’t even need to ‘pay’ at all. Customers will be able to choose items from stores and leave without handing over any details as shops will have all of your data stored to bill you digitally.”

Biometric travel

2019 blockchain
Anders Sorman-Nilsson predicts biometric technology will eliminate the need for passports.

“Within just five years, the way we travel will be a far cry from today,” predicts Sorman-Nilsson.

“To board an international flight will require little more than stopping to pose for a photo thanks to facial recognition technology.

“This means no more passports, tickets, or long customs queues. Rather, travellers will simply pause for a camera which will have inbuilt facial scanning, and then pass through customs and immigration in a matter of minutes – all thanks to biometrics.”

We will be cyborgs

Sorman-Nilsson believes brain implants, augmented reality ‘smart specs’ for the blind and 3D-printed organs will be technologies of the future.

“It’s hard to imagine a world where 3D bio printers will build custom organs, robo-advisors will take over the role of human financial advisors and will use algorithms to calibrate a financial portfolio, or ‘social credit scores’ will be implemented to take into account a person’s bad driving, smoking habits or if they post fake news online to determine a ‘score’ that may punish them with slower internet, travel restrictions or prevent them from getting a good job.

“But these are all technologies that are being created right now and will be available in just a few years’ time.”

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