‘World’s End Club’ playable in Apple Arcade, ends with cliffhanger

World's End Club trailer snapshot

A collaborative project between the makers of Zero Escape and Danganronpa, World’s End Club, is now playable in Apple Arcade. But it comes with a twist—the game is a demo and that it’s incomplete.

Sharing a similar theme as the two developers’ beloved franchises, World’s End Club sees juvenile participants in a perilous game. Other familiar elements will be making reappearances, which will remind veteran players of their time with either Monokuma or time travel.

A Playable, Yet Unfinished, Product

As interesting as the premise sounds like, the game, however, will only feature a portion of the game. In an official tweet, the game’s writer Kotaro Uchikoshi warns eager players of what they could expect in it—a cliffhanger, which draws inspiration from Avengers Infinity War, which did not see completion until Avengers Endgame.

While the allusion did not necessarily fit, it’s quite evident where the game’s creative is coming from. But, then again, the notion of being part of a game can be in itself a taxing job. In that, it gives a subjective idea of its extent. To which Kotaro Uchikoshi may have perceived as a Hollywood-level production, requiring two separate attempts for its finishing.

Uchikoshi, however, guarantees early adopters to experience a substantial part of the game. Which, as per his estimate, should give players at least 10 hours of gaming experience. Although, he also claims that the overall playtime would vary from person to person. Potentially, pointing to hardcore fans of the genre to be the ones willing to spend as much time as possible with the game.

Coming to Switch

But while paying Apple Arcade subscribers can play the “demo,” the complete edition appears to be releasing on the Switch next year. The final version will come in the form of a digital download. However, the writer does claim that the physical release is under consideration, following the game’s digital launch.

Which, to other collectors out there, is a good thing. Having a physical release would significantly expand to users’ large library of amazing Switch titles. Surely, fans of either or both Danganronpa and Zero Escape would be at the forefront of the physical sales.

Whether the same full game will also see release on the same platform as the “trial version” remains unclear. Yet, should it happen, it could still be some time in 2021.

Image used courtesy of IzanagiGames Channel デスカムトゥルー Death Come True/YouTube Screenshot

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