‘World’s End Club’ to see full release on the Switch

World's End Club Nintendo Direct showcase

An incomplete mobile title, World’s End Club, is finally about to see its comprehensive state as it gets full launch on the Switch on May 28, 2021.

Originally available on the Apple Arcade, the game saw a release without an ending. Proclaimed to be as such by its own writer, Kotaro Uchikoshi, the game was essentially a demo with expected full Switch distribution.

Extraordinary Students

World’s End Club revolves around a group of students, called the Go-Getters Club, who got stuck in a theme park, following an accident. Seen through the lens of Reycho and friends, players get to encounter the ordeal that comes with playing the “Game of Fate”. But with resiliency, rather than haplessness, it brings to question whether or not the team will cooperate in overcoming a nefarious threat.

The game features a cutesy imagery, thanks to the artistic capability of character designer, Take. Keen audiences might see similarity with the art style between the game and Pokemon Sun and Moon. It should come as no surprise for the said designer’s involvement in both games.

Despite visual presentation that easily appeals to young audience, World’s End Club is a dark game. Made by the creative mind of Kazutaka Kodaka, the same person behind the Danganronpa series, the notion comes off as equally unsurprising. More recently, he was also involved in the full-motion video game which bears a similar theme, Death Come True.

New IP

Made by Too Kyo Games, it shares similar gameplay elements as the director’s previous projects. But the upcoming Switch title adds other elements to its own for an exciting new IP. Specifically, it combines aspects of visual novel, platformer, and puzzles. It gets further embellishments with the introduction of bosses that are spread throughout the game’s engrossing storyline.

Japanophiles who have the penchant for experiencing Japan-made titles in their most original would find benefit in the game’s original dubbing. This means being able to listen to the game’s characters as they speak Japanese. More importantly, it meant experiencing the drama in its raw and intense form, precisely how the developers intend to deliver.

World’s End Club was recently seen in Nintendo Direct, alongside other revelations involving upcoming line-ups for the Switch console. Of interest are the disclosure about the imminent launch of Mario Golf 3, Super Smash Bro. Ultimate’s newest fighters, and development of Splatoon 3. Exciting times are ahead for Nintendo Switch owners.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube Screenshot

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