‘Worms Rumble’ already in development, beta testing coming soon

Worms Rumble promo page

In celebration of the Worms series 25th anniversary, Team17 announced the latest entry in the series to grace its current audiences with Worms Rumble. Not only is the game already deep in development, it’s also launching a beta test soon.

True to Worms fashion, Rumble will feature the series’ iconic arm-wielding worm critters. However, unlike previous entries that saw themselves sticking to a turn-based formula, Rumble is much more real-time and more chaotic.

High-Octane Fighting

In Worms Rumble, players to get play a real-time combat game against a massive 32 players on different modes. Whether you like to play as a team against another or as a solo against everyone else, Rumble has enough game modes to offer.

Set to launch on PC, PS4, and PS5, players will get to enjoy the game with others regardless of the platform, thanks to cross-play. There is no word, however, as to whether or not the game is also bound for the Switch or Xbox One.

As is true to the series’ design, Rumble will highlight semi-destructible environments that add a layer of dynamics into the game. One that players can also leverage to gain strategic advantage or victory in every match.

Cool, Familiar Weapons

But a Worms game is never ever really complete without a list of arsenals that introduces mayhem into the game. Making an appearance at launch, therefore, are the equally iconic Bazooka, Baseball Bat, Hand Cannon, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, etc.

As early as now, it seems that the devs are keen on giving a long life to Worms Rumble with its plans of regular updates. Which means more content like new weapons, levels, or cosmetics over time.

Furthermore, there will be rollouts of seasonal events and challenges as well. Each of which significantly worthwhile for their unique themes and loots.

Speaking of added aesthetics, the game is also going to feature a ranking system that awards players with new accessories according to rank. Higher ranks, obviously, offer a better prize. Essentially engaging players towards more amusement while rewarding them at every significant feat.

Beta Testing Soon

Mostly complete and with some kinks to pan out, Worms Rumble is heading for closed beta beginning July 15 at 4 AM PT. Lasting only for 5 days, the event ends on July 20 at 12 AM PT.

Interested parties are encouraged to register to join the beta test.

Image used courtesy of Team17/YouTube Screenshot

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