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‘Worms Rumble’ takes flak from an angry community over game changes


Worms Rumble received an announcement early this week, and fans are angry. A good part of the Worms community is up in arms for the unneeded innovation.

Worms Rumble is taking a ton of scathing comments with their game reveal. YouTube comments on the trailer ask for a bevy of different features from Team 17. Parts of the community are pushing away the new game, asking for remasters instead.

Worms franchise has a unique DNA beloved by its community

The Worms franchise has used a few consistent gameplay loops ever since its inception in 1995. The game, as recognized by many fans, is a turn-based artillery 2D shooter with a destructible world. The game also has some creature comforts like local multiplayer and single-player campaign.

Since the first game until the recent Worms WMD, people define the franchise through this lens. For the longest time, players have asked for a remaster of their favorite Worms title.

The Worms subreddit is clamoring for a new game as the community is split. Some diehards love Worms WMD, while others love Ultimate Mayhem.

The new announcement created a further rift in the already small community. The problems started from the teaser trailer from three months ago. In it, fans speculated on what they can expect from the upcoming game.

Rumble splintered the already divided community further between a variety of opinions. The game is, so far, panned in YouTube and Reddit. Most of the complaints talk about the game’s features unwanted by the community.

Rumble trailer shows everything the community doesn’t want

The original fans are angry over Worms Rumble for lack of a few crucial features. The real-time combat and battle royale aspect make players compare it to Fortnite. It doesn’t help that the new graphics and 2.5D perspective are subpar so far.

Players accuse the devs of Team17 for “being out of touch” with the community. Fans are also accusing Rumble of having nothing of the original Worms “DNA.” The trailer so far did not give any indication of features the fans are waiting for.

Team17 confirmed in YouTube that there would be maps with destructible environments. The devs also promised to look out for more feedback once players join the beta.

“Hey everyone, thanks for all of your feedback so far, we work tirelessly to make our games the best they can be, and we appreciate your input,” said the pinned comment.

“To answer a common question, there are parts of the maps where terrain is destructible.  We can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on the beta so we can get even more of your feedback! :)”

So far, Team17 still has a ton of work to convince the community of the new game. The game will likely get many newer fans but have its veterans stay with the old titles. Worms Rumble will come out this year and will be available on PC, PS4, and PS5.

Images courtesy of Team17/YouTube Screenshot

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