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Will ‘Outlander’ Season 6 feature Jenny Murray in the plot?


“Outlander” Season 6 is now in the process of shooting and filming.

Outlander Season 6 is on its way to small screens. After more than a year of the so-called “droughtlander,” though, it remains unclear when the new installment will arrive.

But, as the updates continue to emerge, several avid fans and followers have come up with tons of questions about the upcoming season. One of the most apparent thoughts is whether Jenny Murray will once again appear on the show.

The Daily Express recently released a report about Laura Donnelly’s absence on the previous installments. Showrunner Matthew B Roberts explained the dynamic and shared his thoughts about the potential return of the actress’s character.

Is Laure Donnelly returning on “Outlander” Season 6?

The publication said that many individuals are hoping for Laura Donnelly’s return to Outlander Season 6 as Jenny Murray. This comes after Young Ian has already settled his new life with Jamie and Claire Fraser at Fraser’s Ridge.

Many people also speculated that the family might return to Lallybroch as the American Revolutionary War is arriving. But, whether they return to Scotland or not, fans are still intrigued whether Jenny will play a role in it.

As the questions continue to shower upon the series heads and cast members, these individuals have yet to confirm anything when it comes to the characters returning for the new season.

Why was Jenny not in Lallybroch in previous seasons?

Matthew B Roberts, later on, explained why Laura Donnelly’s character was not in the previous installments of Outlander. He explained that it was very “difficult to make it all work together.”

The showrunner continued that the actress was not available when the storyline returned to Lallybroch. He said that they were hoping to get her but, they did not necessarily have all the access.

Accordingly, they made adjustments in the storyline to make it all work. He added that this kind of scenario “sometimes” happens, and they just had to adapt.

Season 6 on Starz and Netflix

There are no clear confirmations yet as to when Outlander Season 6 will drop on Starz and Netflix. The cast and the production had just started the filming and shooting of the episodes, and it might take a while before the show returns on small screens. Not to mention, they have to deal with all the complications brought by the COVID-19 crisis.

Even so, many are seemingly hopeful that Outlander Season 6 will drop later this year, according to Netflix Life. But, considering the lack of information, there are no assurances yet. The most plausible release date, though, is likely between 2022 and 2023, as per reports.

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