Wristcam, an innovative camera for your Apple SmartWatch

After nearly four years of development, finally, a strap of apple smartwatch called Wristcam with front and rear-facing cameras has launched this year.

Wristcam can also be known as CMRA. It has a separate battery with a battery backup of nearly 24 hours. It shows the image on the watch screen, which is shot by the wrist cam.

This strap contains a 2-megapixel camera for selfies and 8 megapixels of a rear camera, shooting 1080p video and 4K resolution pictures.

The company said that one could use it as a video walkie-talkie with real-time live streaming.

Features of Wristcam

Users can capture images and shoot videos with the help of Wristcam. It will automatically sync all the data to your iPhone when you put it on its magnetically attached charging cable by pressing a button on the band.

The Wristcam has storage of about 8 GB for photos and videos. It can connect with the watch through Bluetooth Low Energy and iPhone via Bluetooth 4.2, 5.0, and Wi-Fi.

The weight of the wrist cam is about 23 grams. It is about half of the latest Apple smartwatch. It is available in various variants like rose, grey, and sage, and more.

Controlled by a multifunctional button, it has LEDs on both the cams. This helps in capturing quite clear images and videos.

What else can be seen in a few years down the line?

The CEO Ari Roisman said that the Wristcam might take about 20 seconds to share a picture directly from the watch over Bluetooth. It syncs all the data directly to the connected iPhone.

In the next update, Wristcam is claiming that the user will share images directly from the watch.

You can place orders in advance for the Wristcam from its official website, and it’s offered for 299$. The company told us that the first direct to customer units would ship in March 2021.

Wristcam will bring a different evolution in the field of camera sensing technology.

What is Apple Watch all about?

Apple, a gigantic American multinational company that has always strived to cater to the needs of electronic gadgets, customer services, electronic software, and macOS supported personal computers.

In April 1976, the company was established by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne to sustain its electronic desires.

Apple Watch was launched in April 2015, and in a few years, it became the best selling wearable device.

The smartwatches have many features such as fitness tracking, wireless telecommunications, and health-oriented capabilities, and more.


Image courtesy of DenPhotos/Shutterstock

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