WWDC 2020: iPadOS 14 stunning UI upgrade, powerful Apple Pencil support revealed


The iPadOS 14 received a beautiful UI upgrade and improved Apple Pencil support. It boosts productivity and enhances the iPad’s purpose.

WWDC 2020 marked a historic day in Apple. The event was completely launched online and was made available to all viewers that wanted to follow the events.

Albeit being prerecorded, the transition and clarity of the presentation were top notch. Among those that were presented was the iPadOS 14 update. Below are just some of the new upgrades that iPad users can enjoy.

User interface enhancement

Similar to the iOS14, the iPadOS 14 got the same widget feature upgrade. However, unlike iOS 14, the iPad upgrade didn’t receive a home screen feature. As such, the iPad main screen fairly looks the same. However, Today Center was given a slight touch up because of the widget options. The “smart stack” feature of the iOS 14 can also be used in the iPad’s landscape mode.

Power search bar

The main thrust of the iPadOS 14 is to boost the productivity of users. As such, it aims to avoid all unnecessary steps just to finish a task. In the keynote presentation, it was shown that the search tool of the iPad got a rebuilding from the ground up. Searching on the iPad will be a breeze as Apple incorporated a search tool similar to the Mac’s Spotlight feature.

Users just have to type on the search bar anything they want to search on the system. It can be contacts, files, or any app that they’d like to launch. Also, this search tool can be launched on top of any running app to avoid leaving the app used at present.

Lightweight notifications

The new iPad update also upgraded its voice and video call notifications. Now, incoming calls will not be as obtrusive to tasks as before. Instead, the user will just be notified through dropdown cards on top of the screen.

The majority of apps also get a sidebar option that houses the settings and other tabs for the apps. New pulldown menus also provide a sleeker way to access app controls.

Apple Pencil Scribble

The Apple Pencil is more powerful than ever. The machine learning on the iPad is impeccable, giving it a more robust handwriting recognition system. Users do not have to put down their Pencils just to type. Instead, the user just has to scribble their intended sentences or words. Immediately, the iPad will turn them into typewritten words.

Image courtesy of Apple/Website Screenshot

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