‘WWE 2K21’ may introduce new Universe Mode gameplay

The upcoming WWE 2K21 video game may introduce a whole new mechanics to its players called: Universe Mode.

This new gameplay mechanics for WWE 2K21 is not exactly a done deal. Even the game’s developer or publisher has yet to confirm it. Instead, the concept comes from a notable member of the game’s thriving community.

The Universe Mode is a product of the imagination of YouTube star VikingSizeGamer. This particular fan of the franchise is known to his fans for his unique concepts with regards to the games.

Universe Mode concepts

VikingSizeGamer’s latest creation is a unique concept. He simply dubs Universe Mode. In one of his recent videos, he highlights this new concept, and it impresses many in the community. The concept is well-polished that many fans urge 2K to integrate it into the upcoming WWE 2K21.

Among his unique concept includes the ability to present multiple shows daily. This will allow gamers to emulate the current WWE schedule. Moreover, gamers can also create their unique schedule.

For this year’s WrestleMania, WWE presented it using a two-day event. This particular type of presentation is not available in previous iterations of the game. With the new concept, players should be able to completely recreate it.

Another interesting feature of VikingSizeGamer’s concept is the introduction of one-off events. In the current iteration of the game, players cannot set their pay-per-view schedule. Events like Super ShowDown and Greatest Royal Rumble follow a specific schedule that players cannot edit.

With VikingSizeGamer’s concept, players should be able to create their pay-per-view events. On top of that, they can set to run it on a date that they pick. This allows for more customization for players.

New Showtime option

Perhaps the most interesting of all of VikingSizeGamer’s concept is the introduction of Showtime playthrough options. He suggests that the game should randomly select events, rivalries, and other elements if players take this route.

This level of customization will add a new layer of realism to the game. Moreover, it has the possibility to evolve a game into a more surprising experience rather than blandly go through it.

While all of these concepts and suggestions are interesting, 2K still has the last word. The game’s current iteration did not exactly reach player expectations.

Whether these new concepts will find their way into WWE 2K21 remains to be seen. Nevertheless, it appears that fans are liking it, so 2K should put it into consideration.

Image courtesy of Bryan Horowitz/Wikimedia Commons

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