WWE superstar Asuka reveals mo-cap work for ‘Virtua Fighter 5’


WWE superstar Asuka revealed that she did motion capture for many characters in Virtua Fighter 5, confirming with a gif of Vanessa Lewis.

Virtua Fighter 5 will be free for this month on PS Plus, with Ultimate Showdown coming. From what it seems, Sega updated beyond the visuals as the mocap seems crisper. It seems “The Empress of Tomorrow” Asuka did a good chunk of the work.

VF5: Ultimate Showdown remakes 2006 title

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown is an upcoming enhanced remake of of the original title that came out in 2006. The game was a classic, noted to be one of the all-time great fighting titles in video game history.

Sega did not only make the graphics crisper for a new breed of fighting game enthusiasts. From what it seems, they also improve the overall mechanics of the title. These improvements include the game’s mocap, updated for brand new playstyles.

In a Twitter post, former WWE Raw Women’s Champion Asuka revealed her role in the game. From her post, she notes that she was the motion actor “for many characters”. This comes after a reveal discovered by a Youtuber.

This detail comes as no surprise to fans of Asuka, considering everything that she can do.

Asuka’s mocap acting no surprise

Asuka becoming the mocap actor for many Virtua Fighter 5 characters is no surprise. The Empress of Tomorrow is one of the most capable professional wrestlers out there. Not only can she take a bump in the ring, she has the training too.

Previously known as Kana in Japan, she is a product of one of the world’s most brutal pro wrestling circuits in the world. She is also famous for being one of the hardest workers in the business and was the third to hold the Women’s Triple Crown for WWE.

Asuka also has a gaming and daily vlog channel known as KanaChanTV. She has as many as 458,000+ subscribers and she isn’t shy with her gaming. Asuka likely also did her own mocaps for the WWE 2K titles.

Asuka hints that she did the work for Vanessa Lewis, well known for her power strikes. Vanessa is a Vale Tudo practitioner and used as a model for V-Dural in-story. Vale Tudo is a martial art that combines many different martial arts in its repertoire.

Virtua Fighter 5 will be available on the PS Plus this month of June. It will come with two other games, including Operation: Tango and Star Wars: Squadrons.

Featured image courtesy of WWE/Youtube Screenshot

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