X-Force Joins Deadpool in Fortnite

Fortnite drops a new skin bundle that includes the X-Force team. The coming of X-Force signifies the follow-through of Marvel’s untying of Avengers. The package comprises skins from Cable, Psylocke, and Domino along with Deadpool. This bundle arrives in Fortnite to go with Deadpool on his missions.

The bundle includes iconic looks from the characters. Cable and Domino are the new casts that appeared in Deadpool 2. Meanwhile. Psylocke is not a Deadpool character; he last appeared in X-Men: Apocalypse. These added skins in Fortnite have differences from the characters in the movie. 

X-Force Joining the Blast

X-Force pops up in Fortnite two weeks after Deadpool comes in. The coming of the new X-Force skins seems like a significant impact on gamers. Each character carries on an iconic form bringing satisfaction to users. 

First in the line is Domino, who is the great conqueror of challenges. People know Domino as the woman who survived every bad dip in Deadpool. Domino possesses pleasuring attributes in Fortnite. But, her appearance is more like in the comic. She appears in Fortnite as a Caucasian lady with her blue backpack. Domino also carries two pistols and a knife as she comes to Fortnite.

Next is Cable, who still comes out as a big man. Like in Deadpool, Cable carries enough loads of armors to combat opponents. He also carries a P90 rifle and always slays his classic white hair.

Like how he is in the movie, Cable beams in the game with his robotic eye and arm made of steel. He carries the same look as he is in the film.

Meanwhile, Psylocke is the oddity carrying a telepathic ability. People see her as one of the main leading ladies in Marvel. Fans will recognize her with her iconic black and violet look. Psylocke appears in Fortnite, carrying a katana on her back.

X-Force Joining Deadpool

Deadpool chooses to move out of his agency in Fortnite. His mission is to surpass the challenges in week nine to meet the X-Force Deadpool pack. Coinciding this update is the coming of the X-Force. X-Force will go with Deadpool in his journey. 

The three, Cable, Domino, and Psylocke are now available in the game shop. You still have time to complete Deadpool’s challenges in weeks seven and eight. Deadpool’s problems are available for some time.

The Bundle

The X-Force bundle costs 3,000 V-Bucks or around $30. There is a chance that it will cost more in the future. If you want to buy individual skins, you can get each for 1,000 V-Bucks. You can buy the bundle with special features from the characters. An X-Force bundle with harvesting tools and a glider is also available. 

The bundle is available in the game store for a limited time. Players can get Deadpool’s skin by completing the challenges. The extended Fortnite season also gives players more time to do Deadpool’s tasks.



Images courtesy of Joshua Hoehne/Pexels, Creative Commons Zero – CC0/Pexels

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