‘X-Men’ star Halle Berry recalls near-death injuries while filming

Halle Berry to star in sci-fi disaster film ‘Moonfall’

The former X-Men and James Bond star, Halle Berry has shared getting serious injuries during on set filming.

She also revealed that she has suffered from a near-death experience back in 2002 while filming her James Bond movie, Die Another Day.

The award-winning actress had participated in a lot of action films down from the X-Men series to the more recent film, John Wick Chapter 3 in 2019.  Several of her films have either placed her in a hospital for getting injured on set. 

Halle’s injuries were revealed during her appearance in Jimmy Fallon’s at-home edition of the Tonight Show

Halle Berry choked on her Die Another Day, James Bond film with Pierce Brosnan

Back in 2002, former James Bond, Pierce Brosnan was supposed to film an intimate scene with his co-star, Halle Berry. However, Berry recalled that she choked on a fig, and instead, ended up getting hurt. 

Pierce Brosnan had proven to be a real-life hero for Halle Berry when he performed the Heimlich Manuever on her, and just in time, saved her. Halle signified that Brosnan will always be one of her favorite people in the world.

Getting choked was not the only accident that Halle got into. While filming another action sequence in Cadiz, Spain,  Halle’s left eye was hit by a small fragment of a smoke grenade.

She was rushed into the nearest hospital to have the fragment removed from her eye. Her left cornea was inflamed but there was no serious damage, and she was able to resume filming.

Halle Berry broke three ribs while rehearsing for John Wick Chapter 3

Keanu Reeve’s John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum which hit the cinemas late 2019, was a huge success.  Halle who played Sofia was rehearsing for the movie but ended up breaking three ribs. She recalled that she went through rigorous stunt training.  

Moreover, Halle felt that she had to step up with her co-star Keanu Reeves, and had to do gun training, Strength training, and even dog training. Additionally, she had to maintain her diet plan during the rehearsal.

Halle Berry  goes head to head with Valentina Shevchenko for Bruised

Halle is currently working on her latest movie, Bruised, produced by Golden Globe Awardee, Brad Pitt. Halle Berry will be seen fighting with UFC women’s flyweight champion,  Valentina Shevchenko, who will play as a rival to Berry.

In one of the scenes, Berry revealed that Shevchenko had thrown real kicks at her.  Due to the injury, Brad Pitt announced that the production will be delayed.

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Image Courtesy of THR News/Youtube Screenshot

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