Xbox Console Companion app might be getting an upgrade

Xbox Console Companion app might be getting an upgrade

Recent reports claim that the Xbox Console Companion app might finally be getting an upgrade, as the other Xbox programs get redesigned.

It looks like Microsoft is getting ready with the upcoming arrival of its next-gen console, the Xbox Series X. This includes the Xbox franchise’s mobile app—the Xbox Console Companion app.

Xbox Console Companion app quality “isn’t the best”

As Window Central emphasized, “the mobile app for Xbox isn’t the best. Thankfully Microsoft agrees, since they’re working on an all-new one.”

The mobile version of the Xbox Console Companion, reportedly, has issues—it does the job, but it isn’t as breathtaking as many expected from Microsoft.

Right now, it serves as a platform for Xbox players to look for “public matchmaking,” or “Looking for Group” as it says in the app. It also allows the player to keep up with the Clubs on Xbox Live and serves as some kind of remote control to the Xbox One console.

The media outlet points out a few of its flaws, such as; being “a little unresponsive,” “bloated,” has an outdated design language, and lacks “Fluent Design System flair.”

There’s a lot of features that are missing from the app, but that’s about to change. Reports claim that the Xbox app will get an upgrade to level it with Microsoft’s other programs—Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud apps.

Lost features hint Xbox app overhaul

According to Window Central‘s source, the companion app is indeed getting an overhaul. It is believed that the said upgrade would “compliment” with the rest of Microsoft’s services on the mobile platform.

Right now, there are features that are unavailable, such as the Xbox Clubs and Activity Feed. It is highly likely that the features will return, but there’s also hinted possibility that Microsoft might remove the said features entirely.

There’s an Xbox Beta app that’s been made available. The tech giant has urged its console users to use the said app on PC instead.

However, it seems that there’s an issue with the beta app, as many of its users take it to social media to air out their frustration. There have been issues with simply downloading a game.

As of this writing, Microsoft has not commented on this sparking rumor. Right now, Xbox users are liking the design of this new Xbox app for PC. However, there are features, such as matchmaking, that are now not made available.


Featured image courtesy of Xbox

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