Xbox revives Design Lab, allows Series X/S users to customize controllers


Xbox Design Lab has returned, and now caters to Series X and Series S users.

Xbox users are in for a treat with Microsoft’s latest announcement. As part of the Games Showcase Extended, the company confirmed the return of its Design Lab service.

The program centers on controller customization. While it initially catered to the Xbox One era, the newly revived service now also welcomes Series X and Series S users.

Comic Book said that the announcement came with an official trailer, which shows off some samples of custom controllers. There are even a few that took inspiration from the popular titles, Grounded and Psychonauts 2.

Highly personalized Xbox controllers

The service is now live, and allows Xbox fans to create their own custom controllers. 18 colors are available for the base shell, including three new hues, Shock Blue, Electric Volt, and Pulse Red. Reports said that the service allows clients to utilize several different colors in one Wireless controller.

Apart from the base shell, gamers may also color-customize nearly all the external parts of the controller. These include the body, back case, bumpers, thumbsticks, triggers, D-pad, ABXY, and the View, Menu, and Share buttons.

Moreover, these parts are highly customizable, as well, in terms of features and textures. Laser engraving, Gamertag, and even custom 16-character messages are also available in the service. But, these come with additional fees.

Microsoft said that gamers in the United States, Canada, and most Wester European countries may now place their orders. The customized controller costs $69.99, and an additional of over AU$13 for the optional laser engraving.

The return of the Design Lab service

Microsoft first launched Xbox Design Lab in 2016. The program ran from then until last October 2020.

The service ended, though, a few weeks before the arrival of Series X and Series S to the market. But, Screen Rant said that the revival of the Design Lab did not come as a surprise as many were already expecting its return.

It is “just the beginning”

On Thursday, Senior Director of Strategy & Business James Hunter published a post on the official website. He said that providing their fanbase with choice and opportunities to express themselves is a “core part” of their mission.

He also noted that the color options in the Design Lab are from plastics with 30 percent post-consumer recycled materials by weight. These options will reportedly “reduce the amount of waste plastic” in landfills, adding that they are ensuring to do their part to take care of the planet.

In the end, Hunter said that Xbox has a “bold vision for customization” through the Design Lab service. He revealed that they are working hard to develop new processes, test new materials, and innovate for the further evolution of the users’ experience with the customization program. “This update is just the beginning,” he added.

Images courtesy of Xbox/YouTube

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