Xbox exclusive ‘The Medium’ is heading for PS5 soon!

Bloomer Team’s psychological 2021 title The Medium is coming to PS5 later this year. It was released as an Xbox exclusive a few months ago.

The Medium for PS5 will have the now-popular DualSense controller support, as expected.

‘The Medium’ heading onto PS5

Despite the announcement, it is yet to be seen how the DualSense support will play.

Talking about the main gameplay, The Medium follows the story of Marianne in the third person. She is a medium who can travel into the realm of spirit. Thus, she can solve a lot of puzzles due to her ability to inhabit both worlds.

She can also use her psychic powers against hostile forces. Can recharge powers by interacting with the energy spots, called spirit walls.

While exploring an abandoned hotel in late 90’s Poland, she seeks many answers about how she possesses her unique powers.

The Medium came out as an Xbox exclusive on January 28, 2021, for Series X and S. On PC, it arrived via the Game Pass, Steam, and the Epic Games Store.

Its developer Bloomer Team is also known for a previous title called Layers of Fears. That series was well-received by the critics.

Few other games to have come out from the studio are Observer and the recently launched Blair Witch.

It will be interesting to witness The Medium on the present-gen PS5 with its exceptional features and fantastic experience.

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New video games are coming soon!

Meanwhile, most of the gaming lovers, at the moment, are currently looking forward to a lot of new and fresh releases in this calendar.

There will be many names to choose from in the coming months when it comes to AAA options.

The most-awaited, potential blockbusters, there will be titles like Halo Infinite and Dying Light 2.

Death loop, Horizon Forbidden West, a new Call of Duty entry, Far Cry 6, and Battlefield 2042 are also on the list.

However, the extensive line-up expands even further with No More Heroes 3, Stray, and Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

New World, Cyber Shadow, Shadow Warrior 3, Scarlet Nexus, Back 4 Blood, and Humankind are other crucial launches.

Several recently announced projects making a debut soon are The Day Before, Glitchpunk, and Etched Memories.

Coming onto The Medium, again, it’s currently available for Xbox Series X|S and PC. On PS5, it will make its way on September 3.

What are your thoughts on all the prominent games launching later this year?

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