Xbox Game Pass reveals first new game addition for May

Xbox Game Pass reveals first new game addition for May

“Dragon Quest Builders 2” will be available on Xbox Game Pass starting May 4.

Xbox Game Pass recently revealed the first game addition to its library for May. It seemingly became a shock to many gamers and subscribers, considering that the title has never reached Xbox, until its arrival next month.

Comic Book reiterated that Square Enix’s Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be one of the major additions to the subscription service. It will reportedly arrive on the same that it becomes available on Xbox’s entire platform.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 on Xbox

Dragon Quest Builders 2 initially dropped in Japan later in 2018 exclusively for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The global release followed seven months later for the same platforms.

The title eventually became available for PC in late 2019. Accordingly, its arrival on Xbox’s platform is good news for many gamers.

Reports then noted that apart from its arrival on Xbox Game Pass, Dragon Quest Builders 2 will also be available on “every iteration of the service.” Therefore, players may enjoy the material on whatever platform they use.

Moreover, it is a “Play Anywhere” title. This allows gamers to play it back and forth between consoles and PC versions.

It will officially drop on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and S on May 4. It will also retail for $49.99, making it accessible for players outside Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass to add Nintendo exclusives

Following the announcement, speculations regarding the next title additions emerged. This comes after an “industry insider” released teasers and hints about the matter.

A separate report from Comic Book covered the matter, noting that more games from Square Enix will arrive on Xbox Game Pass. It all started earlier in March when a source, who usually delivers spoilers and teasers on title releases, claimed that the subscription service will welcome more games from the said publisher.

After the public learned about Dragon Quest Builders 2’s arrival on Xbox, the same insider seemingly released another teaser on the same day. He retweeted his old post on Twitter and stated that he “bravely” shared his knowledge on the matter “pretty early.”

While many thought that he was being literal, others took it as an Easter egg. Several individuals have since speculated that the Bravely Default game series will drop, as well, on Xbox Game Pass.

It remains unclear, though, which titles from the franchise will soon be available on the platform, or whether the series will, indeed, arrive on Xbox Game Pass. Accordingly, it appears that Xbox users will have to wait for more updates in the next few days.

Featured Image courtesy of Xbox/YouTube

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