Xbox Game Pass for PC brings Sandbox’s ‘No Man’s Sky’ on board


Sandbox space exploration game No Man’s Sky is coming to the Xbox Game Pass for PC this coming June. Players who want to try playing the game can do so on the cheap for $1.

For players who want to try No Man’s Sky through the Xbox Game Pass for PC for the first time, this is the right time. All players need to do is pay for a dollar in the first month. This subscription will increase to $5 in subsequent months.

The Game Pass for PC is getting many different titles added to its catalog. These include superb piracy game Sea of Thieves, city sim Cities: Skylines, and survival horror Alan Wake.

No Man’s Sky now better compared to launch

The arrival of the cosmic sandbox from Hello Games comes at no better time. No Man’s Sky was in no shape to play during its launch. The game released almost incomplete, with inadequate procedural generation and no proper gameplay to boot.

Over countless updates, the game has changed its fate, becoming a more viable and reliable sandbox game. For people who want to create and explore, No Man’s Sky is a great pick.

Players can build different structures now, with a proper multiplayer, and technology. Explorers can find mechs, living ships, and even tiered storylines. Hello Games was busy for many years, trying to rehabilitate the disappointing game.

All the improvements also come with the base game, so players don’t need to shell out for DLC extras.

Even then, not all players are willing to bet on a game with such an atrocious reputation online. This part is where the Xbox Game Pass for PC comes in handy.

Game Pass is the best cheap option for players

For players who don’t have problems with ownership, Microsoft’s Game Pass is one of the best ways to play. The subscription service is like Netflix for gamers.

Gamers can play a wide array of games for Xbox and PC, many of which are among the best in the platform. Players can enjoy many games for low cost too, needing only a dollar for the first month of subscription. Eventual months will cost $5 until the service stabilizes.

Once the service has enough games in it, Game Pass will go for as much as $9.99 per month. For players who want to save money, it’s best to play while the service is still low cost.

Xbox Game Pass for PC has more than 200 games in its catalog right now. This catalog includes great titles like Gears Tactics, Devil May Cry 5, and Forza Horizon 4.

Images courtesy of Hello Games/Youtube Screenshots

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