Xbox Game Pass have shared their lowkey partnership with Disney Plus

For all the Xbox Game Pass holders, it is good news!

Disney Plus has made it official to come back as an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perk for players. There has been a lot of speculation regarding Disney Plus and its partnership with Xbox Game Pass.

After the official handle of Xbox Game Pass on their Twitter account, they teased something initially. So there is good news for all the players and holders of the Xbox Game Pass.

Those who hold the Ultimate users pass, if they cannot subscribe to Disney Plus, don’t have to worry much. For all the Xbox games, PaThel comes off at a 30-day free trial service.

What is the new deal for all the Xbox Game Pass holders about?

Xbox Game Pass has seen a lot of steady deals from the company’s end over the coming months. Microsoft has stated that there are upcoming surprises for the fans incoming their way as the team have officially revealed some plans on their Twitter account and even on their official website as source information and blogs.

So there is something that the fans should be readily excited about, that is, teasing the new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perk that will come in the player’s way. So the big drop of the announcement made on Twitter has something to do something more ‘Lowkey.’

So for all the Sherlocks there, Lowkey is being referred to Loki, which will be exclusive of Disney Plus on June 9th. There is a big surprise for all the fans and subscribers because Xbox Game Pass is gearing up for a major drop.

There are freebies and better exclusives for gamers

There is a strong chance that Xbox Game Pass will receive some freebie or exclusive offer from Disney Plus as a part of the project, which remains to be seen.

This is not the first time Microsoft is doing a major partnership with any other brand to advantage all the players. It is more like a perk for all the subscribers who are there with Xbox Game Pass. With the one-month free trial, there has been previously offered for new Disney Plus subscribers. There is a new video war that is going on as well.

With the news that Sony is trailing their new PlayStation Plus Video Pass, it can add to the store of library and even TV shows and movies that subscribers can watch for free.

With the use of the Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft is making sure that it is bringing an end to end deals to all the players accordingly.


Image courtesy of Tech & Design/YouTube

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