Xbox Game Pass titles arriving, leaving this month

Xbox Game Pass titles arriving, leaving this month

“Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance” will be available on Xbox Game Pass on its launch day, June 22.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers continue to enjoy the latest title additions to the platform. While Microsoft has already dropped several new games in its roster, it still works on impressing gamers and players by consistently expanding its library.

The month of June has become a significant month for gamers, especially for Xbox users. Following the E3 2021 event, the service released several other games, and is about to welcome more.

Comic Book released a run-down of the games that have arrived, as well as those that are still in the line-up.

Game titles arriving on Xbox Game Pass

In the first week of the month, two new titles came to Xbox Game Pass. These are The Wild at Heart and For Honor.

The former dropped on June 1, specifically on cloud service. This came after the game launched a month ago both for console and PC. As for the latter, it arrived on June 3 for console and cloud.

The following week, Backbone and Darkest Dungeon came to the platform. While the first title is only available for PC starting on June 8, the second game came to Game Pass’ console, cloud, and PC service.

On the second day of the E3 2021 event, 12 more titles arrived on Xbox Game Pass service. These are Arx Fatalis (PC), Yakuza: Like a Dragon (console, PC, cloud,) DOOM (console, cloud), Dishonored: Death of the Outsider (console, PC, cloud), Rage (console, cloud), five Fallout classics (various platforms), Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (console, PC, cloud), and The Evil Within 2 (console, PC, cloud).

Game titles arriving on Xbox Game Pass

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance will also come to Xbox Game Pass on its launch day. Subscribers will be able to access the title on June 22.

The games leaving the platform this month

The same publication listed, as well, all the games that exited the platform this June. As per usual, titles come and go on the service each month.

These are Night Call, Wizard of Legend, West of Dead, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, and Observation. They all left during the last day of E3 2021, on June 15.

A separate report from Comic Book stated that there are no confirmations whether these games will ever return to Xbox Game Pass. Although it is not unprecedented, it will likely take a while before they rejoin the roster.

Images (1) & (2) courtesy of Xbox/YouTube

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