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Xbox has more exclusive titles at launch than the PlayStation 5


Remember the time when an Xbox console has little to no exclusive titles than its competing platforms? Well, you do not have to look further as it pertains to the current-gen Xbox One console.

Throughout its lifespan, the Xbox One has suffered the infamy of having very little titles that can be played on it. Essentially, making most of the games in its rather large library also playable elsewhere.

It’s a shame considering that the Xbox One, especially the One X, is presently the most powerful console there is. Beating the PlayStation 4 Pro, in comparison, not just hardware capability, but also native feature.

Longer list of exclusive titles

While Microsoft can admit defeat in not having many titles exclusively playable on the Xbox One, it serves as a preparation for something better. As the release for the next-gen Xbox console comes to a close, it appears that Microsoft has more to its sleeve than just a capable gaming machine.

In a surprising twist of event, it appears that the Xbox camp will be seeing more exclusive titles to the Xbox. A number that does not just surpass its existing record with the Xbox One, but also PS5’s. At least, at launch.

Coming in a form of a tweet, Xbox News publicly shared a post suggesting that the Xbox Series X console is bound to have plenty of exclusive titles. The list itself is not particularly long, numbering thirteen unique titles in it. But when you do consider that the PlayStation 5 had fewer exclusive titles at launch, the argument does make sense.

Greater competition

Of course, that is not to say that there are not any future exclusive titles to either platform. But whether or not that be the case is a matter of future events—one which no-one is yet foreseeing.

But if this tide of the event is telling something about Microsoft, however, it’s that its effort to capitalize on exclusive titles is likely paying off. The company, after all, is rumored to be on a buying spree in the last several years over companies to develop undivided titles to it.

The idea, however, comes contrary to Microsoft who was keen on cutting off the practice of exclusivity. A practice which many has seen to be faulty, particularly in making contents accessible to many. Seemingly, also, a trend that sees the Xbox One has the shorter end of the stick.

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