Xbox is celebrating Pride Month with some unique merchandises

Modified Xbox logo for the Pride Month

Team Xbox is rolling out some cool new merch in time for Pride Month event.

June is a month dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ or the queer community. Known for its vibrant logo, the campaign serves as a symbol of struggle, justice and equality. Consequently, support for the occasion also takes on multicolor forms.

Limited-edition Merch

For the team at Xbox, it will be embodied by exclusive items that somehow bear the resonance of the queer group. Appropriately called the “Xbox Pride Collection,” it includes gears such as tank tops, T-shirts, tote bags, and stickers. Furthermore, there’s also the “Pride Gear,” which is yet another set of equipment that consumers can buy for the event. Most notable in the list of which is the Pride Skin, made especially for the Surface laptop.

None of the items in question boldly dare state its agenda. But it’s apparent what each product represents according to the color scheme they represent.

On an equally creative note, Xbox is also launching the Pride 2021 Xbox Wireless Controller. This is the same Xbox Series X|S controller that gamers are familiar with, only donning a unique color print. However, unlike the aforementioned goodies, this limited-edition controller is meant for key influencers as well as the media in the US.

Free Giveaways

Xbox is not just trying to cash in on the event. There is another side to the celebration and one that does not require any spending to claim anything. Essentially giveaways, gamers can take advantage of the June event to get freebies from the Xbox platform. Take, for example, the limited giveaway of Dontnod Entertainment’s Tell Me Why. It is also available to get for free on PC via Microsoft Store or Steam until the end of the month.

Racers on either Forza Horizon 4 or Forza Motorsport 7 are also entitled to a freebie that will help spruce up a particular ride. Specifically, the 2017 Ford Focus RS which can be painted with a unique colorful print. Players will simply have to log in to the game at any time within the month after June 1 to claim the gift.

Unique Embellishment

Shooters who support Master Chief’s advocacy in LGBTQIA+ can also do so by claiming an event-exclusive “Unity” nameplate. Like in the case with the previous, getting it is merely a matter of players choosing to log into the game.

For players who fancy the idea of adorning their profile, they may do so with a rainbow-like theme or gamerpic aesthetic. Although the kind a player gets may vary according to region, still it will share a common theme as its alternative elsewhere.

Image used courtesy of Xbox Wire

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