Xbox new commercial released

Xbox’s official Twitter handle dropped the new commercial for Xbox Series X and S, sparking a lot of excitement among fans.

Xbox is hyped by fans all over the world, to say the least. The similar specifications and price range of the rival products have caused a dilemma to gamers and fans—What console should they buy?

Xbox: Next-gen consoles

Xbox series X and S are next-gen gaming consoles from Microsoft. They are powerful, cutting-edge consoles that can outperform previous generation ones by a far stretch. The maker created these consoles to support future graphics and high frame rates. These consoles can produce games to 8K resolution with 120 FPS. This edition of the console consists of two variants, X and S. Series X costs $499, while S costs $299.

Xbox series X is the higher-end variant with high CPU, GPU, and 1 TB SSD, including an optical drive. The series S is a low variant with the same CPU, low GPU with 512 GB SSD. It also lacks an optical drive, and players can only download their games from the online library.

Microsoft has created a whole new ecosystem around Xbox series X and S, including Game Pass, xCloud, new controllers. It also supports backward compatibility, meaning players can use older games and controllers in these new consoles. Xbox is also in moves to make use of the Smart Delivery system, which will download the most-friendly version of the gameplayer’s console. CD Projekt RED and Ubisoft have agreed to launch their games on this platform.

New commercial

News about this console is always breaking now. Recently, Xbox games price hike news came up, when the marketing head, Aaron, stated in an interview that gaming prices are “super-complex.” Now, the news is about the new commercials for series X and S.

Xbox Series X and S have Nov. 10, 2020, as their release date, unusually nearer to its rival console PS5 releasing on Nov. 12. The competitors have started their advertisement campaigns recently. The Twitter handle hinted that new Xbox commercial will be released on Saturday, Oct. 10. The official Twitter handle released a GIF, which showed a glimpse of the commercial. On Saturday, the new commercial for Xbox dropped. It seemed fresh and exciting, with promising players to take them to new worlds.

The commercial will surely start a marketing war between Sony and Microsoft, as people can only imagine what limits they go to get customers for their next-gen consoles.

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