Xbox One controller is forward compatible with Xbox Series X

Actual Xbox One controller

Microsoft mentioned late last year that the Xbox One controller will become usable on Xbox Series X, but left out the details as to how exactly it will work. A more recent disclosure reveals the mechanics that will see forward compatibility between the Xbox One controller and the Xbox Series X.

Unveiling the information is The Verge’s Tom Warren who tweeted about the Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) which will see rollout next year. The jargon speaks of a system that will enable communication between the Xbox One controller and the next-gen Xbox console. It will come in a form of a firmware update.

Talks about DLI does not just go as far back as late 2019, however. Just last March, a discussion about the concept illustrated it as a new technique of “just in time” data sampling. Apparently, a special term for a great reduction of latency when connected to the Xbox Series X.

DLI in a Nutshell

When the DLI rolls out on the Xbox One controller, it will replace the old method that sees data sampling at a rate of 8ms. That is, irrespective of whether or not the game at play is requesting data. This old technique, however, comes at a major caveat of potentially losing an instructional input, considering that the controller and the console is not in sync.

“[DLI] now precisely keeps the controller in sync with the game for both analog and digital inputs. The most update-to-date input arrives at the console just before it’s needed by the game. The result: significantly lower controller latency.”

Despite the more “hands-on” nature of the DLI, it comes with a surprising advantage of being battery efficient. Meaning to say that it is not more power-hungry than when not tapping on the same technology. A feature which is a boon, considering that the Xbox One controller uses AA batteries to function, similar to Xbox Series X’s.

Meanwhile, in Sony Camp

While not a fresh topic, the discourse about Xbox One controller’s forward compatibility with the Xbox Series X is worthy of another conversation. This comes in light with the revelation on the Sony camp that says that the PS5 is not backwards compatible with the DualShock 4 controller.

On the note of backwards compatibility, another bombshell from Sony comes in the form of a reveal regarding support for only the PS4. Essentially dissipating previous rumors suggesting that the PS5 is capable of emulating previous-gen titles, beginning on PS1.

Image used courtesy of Xbox/YouTube Screenshot

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