Xbox Series S: Microsoft reveals price, launch date, and specifications

Microsoft finally confirms that they will be launching a cheaper version of their gaming device “Xbox” with the name Xbox Series S in a recent tweet by the official Twitter account of the game.

Microsoft uploaded a video on their official YouTube channel, which gives us a glimpse of the gaming console, the price, the date, and a lot of hints about the specifications of the cheaper version of the popular gaming console.

The brand will also launch its flagship competitor, Xbox series X, late this year, which will go head to head against the PlayStation 5 in the holiday season of 2020. Since there have been no reports of a cheaper version of the PlayStation 5, Microsoft is glazing a victorious win in the gaming market.

According to the report by Polygon, the Microsoft Xbox Series S is approximately 60% smaller compared to the Xbox Series X. This means comparatively lesser impressive specifications but at a better price.

The Xbox Series S console, as seen on the product’s trailer, it reveals a slimmer size of the console that comes with a visible big circular fan. Unfortunately, there seems to be no optical disc drive in the upcoming console.

Xbox Series S: launch date and specifications

Microsoft confirmed some of the specifications of the Xbox Series S. The Series S would be able to play games in 1440p resolution at 120 frames per second.

Moreover, as suspected of the rumors and the leaks, the Xbox Series S would be an “all-digital” console with just a 512GB solid-state drive with no optical drive.

Microsoft has worked towards creating a future-proof technology, meaning the Xbox Series S also supports next-generation technology such as DirectX ray tracing, variable-rate shedding, and variable refresh rate video output.

The Xbox Series S will put on a splendid show on November 10. However, according to the report by Windows Central, the Xbox Series X will launch on the same day.

Xbox Series S: pricing

The renowned gaming technology company shared that Xbox Series S is the slimmest Xbox console ever since, and it will be launched at an introductory price of just 299 USD. As of now, there is no confirmed price for the Xbox Series X, but rumors estimate the price to be 499 USD.

Additionally, Microsoft revealed the regional prices of the Xbox Series S from their respective Twitter accounts. The console will start from $380 in Canada, ā‚¬300 in Europe, and Ā£250 in the UK.

Image courtesy of Anthony McLaughlin/Shutterstock

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