Xbox Series S unequal with One Series X on backwards compatible games

Xbox Series S official trailer snapshot

Microsoft’s upcoming next-generation console, the Xbox Series S, will not be running backwards compatible games to the same extent as Xbox One X in their enhanced versions, VGC reports.

Instead, it will run backwards compatible games from the Xbox One S and Xbox 360. Despite its limited scope, the Xbox Series S will still feature improvements to the previous-gen titles unique to its own. Such as the employment of auto-high dynamic range (HDR) even on games that don’t natively support it and better and stable framerates. In addition, the games running on Series S will also be substantially faster than on their original running platform.

It was earlier established by Digital Foundry that one of the major dissimilarities between Series S and One X is their RAM. It is questionable whether either console would tap on the fullest extent of the RAM in their build for any game. But comparing Series S’ 10Gb to One X’s 12Gb, it’s clear that the latter has a lot of space to fill still when the former already struggles in fullness. At least, in simple theory. Which, thus, make Series S’ backwards compatible titles draw from the less powerful, Xbox One S, more feasible.

To a certain extent, that might imply Xbox One X’s relative superiority that Series S could not quite match. Yet, the Series S would still be the more advanced of the two hardware, which comes with significant advantages.

Inferior to Xbox Series X

While remarkable, these added enhancements would also not be at par with the Xbox Series X, which has the superior hardware. Some of the primary differences being the processing power and the display resolution they support. The former of which, when measured in terms of teraflops, is significantly paramount with the Series X. The latter aspect, on the other hand, being a disparity between 1440p and 4K.

Although both next-gen console versions would be capable of running the same games, the noticeable contrast is in the quality. For instance, playing a backwards compatible game on Series S would result to a 1440p display at the most, along with the already mentioned enhancements. Alternatively, running the same game on Series X would render it at 4K at the most, along with its perks.

Still a Good Choice

If the display resolution is not much of a big deal, however, the Series S makes a likely preferable choice to running games from previous consoles. Whose list of benefits significantly outweighs the drawback.

Image used courtesy of Xbox/YouTube Screenshot

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