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Xbox Series X and S are available at Target


The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X is available in the market since last fall. It is hard to find the best gaming console as of now.

Consequently, if you are willing to buy these consoles at a reasonable price, Target has got both in stock. It should be noted that it is available in the preorder facility only.

Xbox Series S/X

The Xbox Series X and S are Microsoft’s gaming consoles. Both the gaming consoles are good at their respective places.

While one provides better working resolution, the other works on better graphic performance, Xbox Series X is rated at $499.9 while Xbox Series S is rated at $299.9.

Xbox Series S is primarily associated with better gaming performance on 1440p resolution. On the other hand, Xbox Series X is related to fast 4K gameplay.

Regardless of which console you buy, the only thing which is in addition to it is the gaming controller. The gaming controller is also available at Target at a minimal price.

New Xbox Controller

Microsoft’s new Xbox Controller has a share button. Along with this, it also has USB- C charging port.

This charging port is available only when you opt for a rechargeable battery. The price stated at Target for the Xbox Controller is $50.

Seagate 4Tb external SSD drive:

As far as the storage of these gaming consoles is concerned, it has limited storage. If you are planning to add some old games, then an additional storage device is also available. This will help you utilize the console nicely.

This will also retain the SSD storage drive of the Xbox. For this, you will have to buy an external hard drive that fits in the gaming console. You can buy a 4TB external hard drive. It is available on Seagate at the cost of $100.

It also includes a two-month Xbox game pass. Xbox game pass is a Netflix-like game video subscription. You even get an option to upgrade SSD.

But there are also few things to keep in mind during this. Seagate is the only external hard drive available that is compatible with its expansion.

It can expand on both the console. Also, the SSD expansion card only comes in 1TB, which ultimately costs around $220.

All these items are available on the Target website. You can visit the website and look for all the electronic stuff present at a very reasonable and cost-effective price.

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