Xbox Series X confirmed to run games at 4K60 FPS


Review versions of the Xbox Series X are out now, and its backward compatibility received heavy testing. So far, the console works as it claims.

According to some benchmarking sites, the new Xbox Series X runs current-gen games at a legit 4K 60FPS clip. While the Xbox One X struggled to run games to 30FPS, the Series X was smooth.

Reviewers also tested the game’s load times, together with many of its features. So far, the console works as advertised.


When it comes to Series X, one of its advantages over previous generations is sheer power. Its proprietary NVME SSD and RDNA 2 GPU gives it the power to run games up to 4K. With the release date a month away, reviewers are now testing their hardware.

The tech experts at Digital Foundry, for example, ran their Xbox One X games on the Series X. Every game ran at a superb 4K60fps, which is the standard benchmark for next-gen consoles.

The games were both smooth, and the system reached the frame rate cap without a hitch. Some of the games tested include Hitman in 4K, Dead or Alive 6, and Monster Hunter World.

Even the finicky Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice got a solid 60 FPS on the Series X. To put that into perspective, Sekiro game the current-gen consoles a hard time. The game only drops to 50 FPS when particular foliage comes around.

Series X has 70 to 80% faster loading times

Other tests happened on the Xbox Series X, including its load times and quick resume. The Series X/S uses its proprietary Velocity Architecture that optimizes I/O speeds. It also allows for features like Quick Resume and Direct Storage.

According to tests, the Series X loads games much faster than the One X. To compare, Final Fantasy XV loaded for as little as 13 seconds. The game reaches the overworld for as little as 50 seconds.

In comparison, the Xbox One X takes 71 seconds to reach the title screen. Players can get to a playable state in Final Fantasy XV after 134 seconds.

The Series X seems to reduce load times by as much as 70 to 80%, depending on the game. Control, for example, only takes 10 seconds to load until it’s playable. What’s stunning, however, is the Quick Resume feature.

Quick Resume saves the game in the last state that players left it before they went to the dashboard. By doing so, players can jump to different games, saving up to 4 to 6 titles at a time.

The Xbox Series X and S will come out on November 10. More information about the next-gen consoles will be available in the weeks to come.

Featured image courtesy of Xbox/Youtube Screenshot

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