Xbox Series X News: Spencer hints next-gen games launching in May

Xbox Series X News: next-gen games launch coming in May hints Spencer

Xbox head Phil Spencer may have hinted at an upcoming game launch event for the Xbox Series X. 

Microsoft has not kept Xbox fans in the dark when it comes to the upcoming next-generation console, Xbox Series X. In fact, almost everything is known about the console except for its appearance, price, and launch date. 

Ever since Microsoft had revealed its plans for a next-generation console, the company continuously gave out hints and updates to keep expectant fans excited. However, if there is one aspect of the console that Microsoft has kept mum about, it would definitely be the games. 

Thankfully, that may be about to change. 

Possible Xbox Series X Games Launch

So far, the only known upcoming game exclusive to the Xbox Series X is Halo Infinite. The known games set to launch this year are only for the current generation of consoles, and no word of other next-generation games has surfaced. 

Just recently, though, an industry insider claimed that with the E3 getting canceled, it is highly likely that Microsoft would abandon a June launch in favor of one done in May. But a new Twitter reply from Xbox chief Phil Spencer seems to support this idea. 

Someone on Twitter asked Spencer regarding eventual game reveals for the next-gen console, and he explains that they had just recently reviewed their plans “for continued sharing through launch.” More than that, the Xbox chief says that there may not be “too much of a wait.”

How Spencer replied implies that a game’s launch is highly likely and that it may be coming soon. 

Phil Spencer’s confidence

With the Xbox Series X and the PS5 set to become the future of gaming, comparisons are bound to happen. Both Microsoft and Sony had already unveiled most of the technical aspects of both next-generation consoles. And by the looks of it, taking into account the GPU, CPU, and SSD of both platforms, the Xbox Series X could be the more powerful console.

But that is only on paper, and user experience along with sales and the games would still determine which console is superior. 

Interestingly, upon finding out about the PS5 from Sony’s recent unveiling, the head honcho of Xbox development says that he felt better about the choices he and his team made. Even knowing the PS5 will have a higher SSD is not enough to break Spencer’s confidence. 

Both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are set to launch later despite the novel coronavirus outbreak. There is no definitive date, but it would be sometime around the holiday season. 


Images courtesy of Chris Taljaard/Unsplash

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