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Xbox Series X starts mass production with France on priority list


Xbox France confirmed that the Xbox Series X has started mass production. Microsoft plans to cover more countries during this year’s release.

The Xbox Series X has entered its production phase in France. This implies that it is currently on track for its expected release during this year’s holiday season.

Both Sony and Microsoft have assured that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X’s launch dates won’t be affected by the current pandemic. However, no one can guarantee anything during these difficult times.

Production starts

As Microsoft’s Xbox sector begins the console’s mass production, France was chosen as a high priority to be the first country to be distributed with the Xbox Series X.

Xbox One’s support team is still far from ending but the Xbox leaders are not hesitating in shifting the publicity to solely focus on the Xbox Series X. The company may have made a few mistakes during their first May 20/20 event. However, the Xbox team has no plans in giving up their fight with Sony.

Ever since they owned up to their mistake, a few Xbox Series X gameplays were shared to the gaming community. Looking at the demos, it is difficult not to get fascinated with the console’s amazing prowess.

Facing production problems

A report from French site Xboxygen confirms that the Xbox Series X has entered the production phase. This is a huge step to bringing the next generation console to gaming enthusiasts across the globe.

The report also states that countries to be prioritized for distribution are Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and France. The team’s optimistic statement gave a reassuring feeling to fans who fear that the production will be delayed.

However, Xbox’s France director Ina Gelbert also told the French news site that if another outbreak happens, France and US Xbox divisions will have to be delayed. Given this uncertain status of retail shops and other distributors, Microsoft is doing its best to disseminate as many consoles as possible in case they face challenges in supply runs.

Decent price

It is not really a surprise to know that Microsoft has decided to proceed with the production. However, the point that Microsoft wants to expand its worldwide distribution will increase its charm for everyone.

Fans can only hope that this charm of a vast global distribution will be accompanied by the Xbox Series X affordable selling price.

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