Xbox Series X will launch on time, games a different discussion: Xbox Boss

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Seemingly affected by the going pandemic, Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer talks about the prospective view towards the release of the Xbox Series X as well as the games, suggesting the former to be ‘on time.’

As reported in CNBC, Spencer expressed confidence that the follow-up to the Xbox One will see originally planned release during the Holiday. Despite the assurance, the Xbox boss, however, did not deny the impact caused by the onset of COVID-19 with the business.

Everything’s Going Smooth

Yet, more proud than worried, Spencer claimed of his team had overcome the setback. The Xbox big wig is basically suggesting that everything is going smoothly for the company.

Although surefooted in the hardware release, the same is not as certain when it comes to the game. The uncertainty, as it appears, boils down to the work-at-home setup that the crisis had forced among game developers.

More than the structure, however, another major issue with the creation of games is the large magnitude of people involved in the process. This suggests the difficulty that comes from a company that had several creatives who must work in collaboration.

Spencer seems convinced of Microsoft’s game development team in hitting the targeted goal. Citing the group’s ability to adapt to the new challenges. But he does not deny the fact that the company’s top concern lies on the safety of their employees.

A Second Announcement

In hindsight, Phil Spencer’s recent announcement was not the first-ever since the issue with COVID-19 began. In recollection, his early speech saw him talking about the hardware team being ‘stretched’ with the changed work policy. Speaking specifically to the imposed work-at-home setup.

Despite the optimism, there is no denying that the ravaging effects of COVID-19 is felt in many places. Particularly, areas that affect a business, like Microsoft. Spencer, however, openly admitted that there’s no ‘plan B’ in place as a contingency should the pandemic gets worse than it already is.

Drawing from the experience in having brought the Xbox One late to Japan, the company fears of staggering the Xbox Series X on its release. If recalled, it took a full nine months before the console reached the market in the Land of the Rising Sun. This time, Microsoft seems keen on rolling out their latest product to the world simultaneously.

Nothing is Stopping the Xbox X Series’ Release

But a new Xbox hardware is never complete without mentioning the company’s iconic FPS title, Halo Infinite. A game whose development progress may or may not coincide with the Xbox Series X’s launch. In that note, Spencer claims that no game title will possibly hold back the release of their shiny new hardware.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/Xbox

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