Xbox Series X wins Valve creator’s favor against the PlayStation 5

Xbox Series X wins Valve creator's favor against the PlayStation 5

The console war between Sony and Microsoft continues on. This time, it appears Microsoft takes a favor advantage with Valve co-founder and creator, Gabe Newell.

The Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 have been hyped for most of the year. This year’s spotlight is much brighter than the last few years, due to everyone tuning in on gaming news more amid lack of other forms of entertainment due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As the months pass by until both of the next-gen consoles’ Holiday release, the competition between the two heat up. Recently, the gaming community has witnessed a sneak peek as to what the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X can offer, in terms of games and player experience.

Valve creator chimes in on the console debate

Gabe Newell, the head of the Valve Corporation, recently became a guest in a New Zealand talk show, The Project NZ, wherein he answered quite a few gaming-related and being-a-billionaire-related questions. One of the very straightforward questions was, “This Christmas, PlayStation and Xbox are both coming out with new consoles, which is better?”

Which in turn Newell immediately replied, “ah, the Xbox.”

When asked why, the Valve creator just said, “because it is.”

Although, he did say that he doesn’t have a stake in that race. Being a big PC man himself, with most of Valve’s games are on PC. But if he were to choose, which he was asked to, we would choose the Xbox Series X.

Many gaming publications and analysts conferred that the Xbox Series X was an obvious choice for the Valve creator. Throwing in the point where most PC, especially the gaming ones, run on Windows, which is owned by Microsoft.

There’s also the Steam Library, which Valve owns and runs, that offers a wide array of PC games running mostly on Windows-enabled PCs. So putting everything into perspective, it was an expected answer for Newell.

Although Forbes pitches an idea beyond the aforementioned, wherein the media outlet says, “Microsoft’s next-gen approach is just way Valve’s style.”

Taking in on the points that the Xbox platform is more open, the compatibility and the flexibility, which is reportedly “more in line with the world of PC gaming.”

Xbox Series X vs. PlayStation 5

The console war is likely to be a never-ending debate. There will always be some features that’ll rise above the other and vice versa.

Based on how high-tech the upcoming consoles are, the price—which is still unknown for both—will likely be one of the breaking points of this war. What we know so far is that Sony is reportedly planning to limit the number of consoles to release upon release.

Previous reports also show alleged leaks that Sony might limit the pre-order to one per person. If that’s the case and should Microsoft decide to counter that, it might mean more consoles sold for the Xbox.

Nevertheless, the debates and wild opinions continue on as everyone awaits the release of the next-gen consoles. Moreover, the gaming community should not take Newell’s Xbox Series X preference against him.

As Forbes noted that Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney is likely to choose the PlayStation 5 over the Xbox. So each console gets a billionaire on their side.


Featured image courtesy of SteamXO/Flickr

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