Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S prices and release date latest rumor

Xbox Series controller, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X

The highly-anticipated latest entry hardware in the Xbox family of consoles is already on the horizon. While the console is indeed nearing its release, new information is also coming to light which gives form to an otherwise oblivious machine. The latest rumor tells of both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S’ prices and launch date.

Expected Pricing

In a report by Windows Central, the Xbox Series X will come at a price tag of $499 and an option for an Xbox All Access for $35/month. However, Brad Sams of Thurrott claims that the Xbox Series X’s pricing could also be as high as $599. This is the larger of the two Xbox Series models, which comes with a disc drive for reading physical copies of games.

Meanwhile, the Xbox Series S is set to sell for $299 and is the smaller of the two for its disc drive-less design. Like its bigger counterpart, this model also offers an option for an Xbox All Access subscription. But does so at a cheaper rate at $25/month.

Another major dissimilarity between the two models is the cooling vent. Which, by looking at the outset alone, should give enough information of which has the bigger blueprint. A side-by-side comparison also tells us that the Xbox Series X is technically 60 percent larger than the Xbox Series S.

Although the hardware component makes for an obvious disparity for the pricing, the difference is actually more. Not only will the internals of the two be substantially different, the Series X is also technically superior to the Series S. By comparison, the latter’s processing power will be equal to that of Xbox One X, which would be inferior to the Series X.

Just the Latest Gossip

This is not the first time that we are hearing about the existence of the Series S, however. Previously, there had been leaks which show the new console’s controller which is quite reminiscent of the Xbox One’s, only with a few notable differences in the layout.

Aside from the controller itself, the packaging also showed print that directly points to the existence of the Series S model. The notion of this model also lacking a disc drive also draws precedent with the Xbox One S which is designed to be less-than-stellar than Xbox One X across the board. Intuitively, the Xbox Series S model is expected to follow suit, seeing the trend Microsoft is establishing.

Both consoles are expected to release simultaneously on November 10, 2020.

Image used courtesy of Dealer – Gaming/YouTube Screenshot

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