xCloud streaming officially debuts in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate this September

xCloud streaming officially debuts in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate this September

Microsoft is looking like its ready to take on Google Stadia and introduce their very own xCloud streaming come September through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

The xCloud streaming finally going live came along the massive “You Are the Future of Gaming” announcement from Xbox head himself, Phil Spencer.

Spencer talked about the upcoming Xbox Series X and how it’ll work side by side with xCloud streaming.

Officially introducing xCloud streaming

Technically, Xbox used the term Project xCloud to dub its cloud-based game streaming platform, similar to Google Stadia. However, unlike Stadia, Xbox already has a very loyal community—nearly 100 million, per Spencer—and does have more games to offer.

Also, xCloud will come at no additional cost, assuming Xbox players are subscribed to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which currently retails at US$14.99 [AU$21.48] monthly subscription.

An excerpt of the announcement reads:

“Finally, today we’re announcing that this September, in supported countries, we’re bringing Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud together at no additional cost for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. With cloud gaming in Game Pass Ultimate, you will be able to play over 100 Xbox Game Pass titles on your phone or tablet.”

The announcement even further teased xCloud streaming to support the upcoming highly-anticipated Halo Infinite upon launch.

As of late, the gaming industry has subsequently announced expansion to other devices apart from the consoles and PCs. With new technologies coming in to play, such as the Nintendo Switch, and the revolution of mobile gaming, there is really a need to expand.

During EA Play, the devs have also emphasized their mission to cover all possible platforms, introducing games for Switch and mobile.

Ultimate subscribers can test xCloud’s endurance

In an interview with The VergePhil Spencer explained the reason behind bundling xCloud along with the Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

“For launch we’re putting it in Ultimate for no additional cost. We think it’s a good audience for us to start with, and it’s an audience that plays a lot of games,” says Spencer.

Aside from these group of players are already sure-paying individuals, they also have access to quite a number of titles, compared to the others. This will also test how xCloud streaming will perform in different genre titles.

As pointed out by the media outlet, Microsoft is a little short iOS testing, as Apple is very keen on its App Store policies. The tech giant has reportedly already started testing xCloud on iOS but only on a Halo title.


Featured image courtesy of Xbox

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