Xbox Game Pass Ultimate announces games for xCloud

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate announces games for xCloud

Microsoft’s Project xCloud will now become a part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It will soon become a part of the $15 a month service starting September 15.

The inclusion of xCloud in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate allows players Xbox titles their Android devices. As many as 100 games will be available for players at launch. Microsoft also details games players can subscribe to and the hardware they can use.

Players will get at least 100 titles at launch

In a pair of blog posts, Microsoft listed crucial areas of the service. The first blog listed titles that will entice gamers to subscribe for sure. The second blog flaunts the mobile gaming accessories that players can use.


For starters, Game Pass subscribers from across 22 launch regions can start streaming. They can use their Android devices to stream with an updated app on day 1. The partial list from Microsoft is also enough to convince many gamers to try the service.

Some of the titles that will come with the service include Destiny 2 and Minecraft Dungeons. Players can also access Gears 5, Yakuza Kiwami 2, Ark: Survival Evolved, and Tell Me Why. There are more, including games from the Halo, Ori, and Wasteland franchise.

Microsoft is keeping the full list close to the chest, so fans would need to wait. The service will be available in the United States, Canada, and much of Europe.

New controllers, clips, and grips available for xCloud

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will have a variety of accessories available too. Microsoft has a combo of controllers and grips to help players enjoy the games. Many of the hardware will come from major players like Razer, 8BitDo, and PowerA.


Some of the recommended hardware include Xbox controller grips. There are also Switch style controllers and rounded SNES style grips. Even then, players don’t even need a fancy new controller to enjoy the service.

As long as Android devices support it, players can use any controller. These include the original Xbox One controller and a PS4 controller. So far, there is no information if Microsoft will ever launch the service in Asia.

It will be an interesting concept to see if cloud gaming will flourish through Xbox. Nvidia is trying their hand with GeForce Now but is experiencing controversy. Google Stadia is still a very unstable platform, but it is gaining ground.

Players who want to enjoy the service would need to have super-fast internet. 5G mobile internet would also be useful for the service once it catches on. Until then, xCloud will stay a niche service for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Images [1], [2] [3] courtesy of Microsoft Xbox/Official Press Release

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