‘Xcom Long War’ creators announce ‘Terra Invicta’


XCom Long War creators Pavonis Interactive announced Terra Invicta. Their new title is a grand strategy game, focusing on long-term defence against an alien invasion.

Terra Invicta is coming next year, with a new gameplay trailer out in the wild. The company had a successful Kickstarter campaign for the game too, getting $216,000 out of the campaign. Considering they only asked for $20,000, this is a good sign.

Game comes from the brilliant modders of XCOM

Invicta comes from the old XCom: Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within modders who made “Long War.”

For the uninitiated, Long War is a longer, better, and harder mod for Xcom veterans. It added much-needed balancing to the game.

Now, the same brains behind the mod are working on Invicta, something much different than Xcom. Unlike Xcom’s tactical strategy, Invicta offers grand strategy gameplay similar to Crusader Kings 3. Instead of conquering countries, players prepare for the invasion.

“An extraterrestrial probe is detected approaching present-day Earth,” said the game’s description. “Unknown to humanity, an alien force has arrived in the far reaches of the icy Kuiper Belt and has begun mining a dwarf planet to prepare for an invasion. Its first ships carry infiltrators who will subvert Earth’s governments to prevent them from mounting a joint defense against the impending attack.”

Players start as a grand cabal of intellectuals who know an alien invasion is on its way. The idea is to subvert alien control of the world and prepare a great defence. Instead of super-soldiers, gamers take on the role of “Council” members.

Players can recruit celebrities, law enforcement, scientists, and even activists. Every character has their stat points and skills that contribute towards the alien defense.

The full gameplay starts with finding ways to take full control of a nation. Players can use different ways to do so, from subterfuge, espionage to full brute force. All these, however, are only a preface to the actual game.

Players take over the world and the solar system

Terra Invicta banks on a variety of gameplay to entice players to try the game. So far, the game is exciting.

As players strategize to conquer the world, they can also start building battleships and defense satellites.

The gameplay expands across the entire solar system, with many ways to use it for self-defense. Invicta wants players to mine space resources, send their battleships to space, and confront horrible kaiju monsters.

Players can also start establishing colonies, space defences and use other worlds to keep Earth safe.

Terra Invicta will come to Steam in Summer 2021. There’s more information on their Steam account and their Kickstarter campaign.

Featured image courtesy of Pavonis Interactive/Youtube Screenshot

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