‘Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition’ features expert mode, sub-720p running display resolution

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition actual screenshot

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition was just released for the Nintendo Switch and it comes with both exciting and less-than-stellar features—the Expert Mode difficulty and a sub-720p running display resolution.

Making for a new addition to the game is the Expert Mode difficulty that makes the game significantly more challenging for players. However, more than putting an extra challenge to players, it also allows a layer of flexibility to how the game plays.

More Flexibility, Greater Difficulty

The added flexibility is that players can freely distribute EXP allocation to each party member as they prefer. This means that players can choose to go balance or imbalanced with the distribution, depending on preference.

While the gameplay mode rewards people who play with a balance in mind, risk-takers can also choose to underpower themselves for greater difficulty. The Expert Mode particularly even allows players to choose to de-level themselves for almost the same feat.

A Presentation Setback

But not all changes with Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition appear to add polish to the game. It has its drawback as well. One that is so eerily reminiscent of Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s state back in 2017.

As it appears, the game seems to suffer a display resolution problem, even when running on docked mode. A play style that is supposed to unleash the Switch’s full capability, particularly in terms of display output.

As per the tweet by a user named MasaGratoR, the game seems to struggle with its visual output by fluctuating anywhere between 504p and 720p. The issue is substantially worse off in handheld mode where the game sees a display output dynamics between 378p and 504p.

These dynamics in display output may not be a concern for players who only use a moderate-sized monitor for display. But it’s hardly the same thing for others. Players who play in docked mode with a 4K TV would easily notice the drastic output, often appearing water washed due to upscaling.

A Familiar Issue

To be fair, though, the issue behind all this is already known to gamers a long time ago. All things considered, especially the Nintendo Switch hardware, it boils down performance with respect to visual presentation.

For something that runs so smoothly and beautifully as the Definitive Edition, it’s already a win with the way that game is. A better game than runs smoothly albeit at lower-than-expected display size. Instead of one that barely runs by forcing a constant higher visual output.

Yet, the possibility remains open whether or not future updates can render a solution to the display-related problem.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/IGN

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