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‘Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition’ is second highest debut for franchise


Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition launched during the last week of May, and since then, a lot of great things have been said about the game. Praises aside, how has the game done commercially?

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is a remaster of a Wii classic that launched way past the prime of the console. Because of its late release, the original didn’t get a lot of attention, but it did garner the praise, and some went on to say that it’s one of the best games on the console.

A few years later, the game relaunched on the New Nintendo 3DS, but due to the limitations by the handheld, the game suffered significantly. Its relaunch on the Switch gives the game a second chance at the limelight, and it seems like it’s a success based on its successful sales.

Bigger launch than the original after a week

According to recent reports, the game has sold over 90,000 units in Japan despite being only out in public for over a week. This marks the second-biggest debut for the franchise with the first place belonging to Xenoblade Chronicles 2, another Switch title.

More importantly, the successful launch of the game is bigger than the original Wii version and the 3DS version. The game is also a more successful launch title than Xenoblade Chronicles X for the Wii U. However, the success of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition isn’t just in Japan.

Just a few days ago, the game topped the charts in the UK. As for the overall reception of the game, many have praised its amazing storytelling, gameplay, and additions. Overall, the remastered version of the game for the Switch is already being considered as another amazing RPG experience for the console.

What is the game about

The game is set on two large titans called the Bionis and Mechonis. These are the centerpieces of the game which Shulk and his friends will explore. It is also one of the key selling points in the game.

It’s a solid JRPG featuring elements from the trope, such as leveling, a diverse cast of characters, and equipment system, and much more. The game even has thousands of side-quests aside from the core story that features over 60 hours of gameplay alone.

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is raking in good news since launching. Hopefully, more fans try out the game as it is a must for any Switch owner.

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