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‘Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition’ tips and tricks: How to level up quickly


Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is yet another solid JRPG experience on the Switch, and we’re sure that players are busy grinding their way to become stronger. To power up Shulk and friends, leveling up is important in the game as well.

As with any other typical RPG, Shulk and his allies get stronger when they level up in Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition. Leveling up can be a taxing chore if players don’t know how to do it properly. Here’s how they can do so in the game.


Bionis and Mechonis are two large explorable titans that serve as the centerpiece for the game. One of the most efficient ways to earn XP for leveling is by exploring both giants. If players are able to discover an area for the first time, they’ll be rewarded with XP.

For bigger XP rewards, it’s best to try and locate Secret Areas. While these are generally harder to find, players will get a lot of XP for discovering these areas. Other than that, the rewards in these areas are worth the trouble as well.

Complete quests

There are literally thousands of side-quests in Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, and these can be a great way to earn XP and some extra items as well. To locate side quests, players simply need to look for NPCs with a “!” on their heads.

The types of side quests vary from NPC to NPC. There are those asking for a specific monster to be slain, while there are those looking for certain items. The tougher the side-quest, the higher the reward XP will be. Doing quests also increases the bond between all of the characters in the game.

Equip EXP Up Gems

Once players are able to craft gems, they should begin to focus on crafting EXP up gems. As the name suggests, these gems help increase the amount of XP that a player gains. Whether if it’s through battle or through side-quests, the amount earned will be increased significantly.

These gems stack up on their effects so players can have more than one equipped on their characters.

There are over a hundred levels to rise through in Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, and it might take players hundreds of hours to reach those levels. With these tips, the process will be shortened significantly, and Shulk and his friends can save the titans a lot easier.

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