Xiaomi 5G, current focus of Xiaomi; 4G smartphone production ends in 2020

Xiaomi talks up 6G technology while it phases out 4G phone productions this 2020

Xiaomi 5G is the primary focus of the Chinese company. CEO Lei Jun orders the end of Xiaomi 4G smartphones by 2020.

The remaining seven months of 2020 will define the course of smartphone companies in 2021. All companies have their own gimmicks and features for their smartphones, but one common denominator puts them on the same ship. That denominator is 5G technology.

Store shelves are slowly being filled with 5G capable phones, and all companies have bought in on the trend. Xiaomi has fully committed to 5G technology and is not anymore looking back.

Xiaomi will discontinue 4G phone production

For new fans that have been late to join in on the Xiaomi fun, it is definitely confusing to learn Xiaomi’s branding strategy across its three main brands. Nevertheless, once in the fold, a prospective user can find a phone that will suit whatever needs from the Xiaomi lineup.

According to the interview with XinHua, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun said that the company will discontinue the production of 4G smartphones by the end of the year. Lei is going all-in on the company’s vision of a smartphone line up that is completely 5G capable.

While 5G adaption is still just on the rise, Lei June is already talking up new technologies for 6G satellite internet. According to him, the adaption of 5G will provide never before imagined innovation on the part of its users. Soon, 5G smartphones will be able to do powerful 4K or 8K video conferencing, which is a necessity during these times.

Xiaomi and its confusingly expansive lineup

Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco have all been flooding the market with 5G capable phones ranging from mid-tier to their flagship models. The phones that Xiaomi and its sub-brands have launched have minimal differences across each model. Nevertheless, the pricing has been the most impressive feature of the brands.

Xiaomi’s self-labeled phones still maintain its flagship status. All of its phones carry only the best of the best features that can be found in the market. Redmi on the other hand is Xiaomi’s less premium sub-brand. Its phones carry the majority of Xiaomi’s flagship phone but are offered at a fraction of the Xiaomi’s price.

Poco is Xiaomi’s newest sub-brand. It focuses on maintaining its flagship killer status by giving emphasis on flagship features at an absurdly low price. Considering its short history, Poco has gained a massive following because of the extreme value that it provides.

All these three brands have carried the mother company to the top-selling smartphone company in India. The gap that they have established will be difficult to beat by Samsung and other brands.

Image courtesy of Xiaomi/ Youtube

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